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Nigh Nigh and Nana

Adrianna and I have a new game that we play at bedtime. As I turn out the lights and leave her room, I say, “Night Night” and she repeats back, “Nigh Nigh.” I will call out, “Night Night” as I continue down the hall and she will echo back again, “Nigh Nigh.” This often will continue though several repetitions. She also is getting good at blowing kisses back at me. I know we are lucky to have a child who goes to bed so easily. She is spoiling us.

She also has a new word: Nana = banana.

Where’s Adrianna?

I am still amazed at how quickly Adrianna learns words. We would ask her “Where’s Grammy” or “Where’s Grampy” and she could point them out really quickly. At dinner last night, we asked her, “Where’s Mommy?” and she pointed to me. Then we asked, her “Where’s Daddy?” and she looked around for Greg (he was behind her highchair, out of view). Then we asked, “Where’s Adrianna?” She then pointed her little finger at the large family photo of the three of us that is on our fireplace mantle.

Even though we had to laugh, she was absolutely right.

Grammy and Grampy Visit

Adrianna’s Grammy and Grampy (Greg’s parents) came from Kansas to visit us for a few days. We had a fun time with them. Adrianna warmed up to them right away and got in a lot of cuddly time.

Marilyn and Dave arrived at our house late Sunday evening. I woke Adrianna up so they could visit with her before we all headed off to bed. After showing some initial shyness, Adrianna got her second wind and became very chatty.

On Monday, they watched Adrianna for Greg and I while we were at work. Then, they took treated us to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory as a late birthday present. Marilyn had made both of us a really thoughtful and personal gift that I am very pleased with.

On Tuesday, Greg had to work and Dave is still recovering from ankle surgery, so just us girls went out to the zoo. We had fun walking around, visiting the Lorikeet Adventure, and watching a show of “animal stars” which included low flying birds, a pig, a porcupine, several rats, and a serval (a small African cat). It was a fun show and highly entertaining. Adrianna (mostly) sat still for the entire 22 minute show. She especially liked the pig and the birds that would fly over the audience.
Grammy and Adrianna

Singing and Andy Samberg

Last night I had a dream that I was in chorale at Grace University again.

Dr. Z was having different members of the choir perform solos or other specials for a concert. Then, he announced that Andy Sandberg (from Saturday Night Live fame) had a special task for a member of the choir to perform. So Andy comes running down an aisle from the back of the big auditorium where we were performing and then proceeds to dash up the row of risers to where I am standing and grabs my hand and leads me out onto the stage.

Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell

Dr. Z then announces that I have to sing a solo on a song and the special challenge is that they have chosen a song that I have never heard before. And I don’t get any sheet music to follow. All I have to go off of is the accompaniment music that starts playing and the words that will be flashing on a screen. Yikes!

So as I make my way to the back of the auditorium (apparently I am to sing the song while standing in the middle of the audience) Dr. Z then also mentions that this song is going to be recorded so it can be played at a funeral service the following day. As if I needed any more pressure put on me.

I made a few mistakes as I tried to anticipate where the music was going to take me, but overall I did okay.

I have two training classes that I am leading tomorrow morning. I wonder if this dream is an indication of my subconscious worry that even though I feel prepared for these trainings, I fear that some curve ball could still come my way and throw things off. But overall, my subconscious self knows that even if I may not have all the answers to questions that might be thrown in my direction, I will do okay in the end as long as I try to go with the flow.

I am still not sure how Andy fits into the whole dream equation, other than Greg and I find him hilariously funny.

Toys, Learning How to Undress, and the Zoo

I know that toys, undressing, and the zoo really don’t sound like they should all go together. But that is a summary of our last couple of days.

Adrianna loves climbing into things. Lately, instead of just pulling our tupperware out of its place in our cupboards, she now climbs into the cupboard, moving everything to the side. She then shuts the door and derives great pleasure in hearing me ask, “Where’s Adrianna?” At which point she opens the cupboard door with a big smile on her face.

Like the cupboard, a new favorite place to climb into is her box of toys. She still enjoys pulling out every last toy, especially right after I have just put them all away. But she now often can often be found climbing into the toybox to hang out with the toys.

Adrianna and her toys

Toddlers are great imitators. Here is Adrianna, busily pecking away at the computer keyboard with one hand and moving the mouse around with the other. Notice the phone on the computer chair. I was nervous about receiving a bill for a call to China or Timbuktu, so I unplugged it as she was busily dialing away.


Today at Perkins, Adrianna discovered that she could partially disrobe from her onesie that she had on. Once a new thing is discovered, it must be repeated over and over. Here is how I found Adrianna after her afternoon nap.

Tonight I talked Greg into going to the zoo with us. We didn’t have much time there since it was nearing closing time, but the evening was nice and cool. The perfect weather for a trip to the zoo. We especially enjoyed the leopard, along with the many bunnies and squirrels that can be found throughout the premises. There was a squirrel in the cheetah pen, and we watched as the cheetah perked up a bit when he spotted it. But he was too lazy to actually chase the thing down, so he just watched with an interested gleam in his eye as the squirrel smartly made his exit.
Adrianna, Greg, and a leopard at the Denver Zoo

Where’d that spider go?!

I was just sitting here reading some posts on one my favorite blogs. My right hand was in its normal driving/navigation position on the mouse while my left elbow rested on my desktop and my left hand supported my chin. Then, I felt a little tickle on my left arm about an inch or so above my elbow. I lifted my arm off of the desk and turned the underside up and towards me and there it was – a spider! On my arm! There’s a spider on my arm! I let out one of my loudest and longest spider screams ever.

My spider screams are very distinct. They aren’t really screams so much but rather are more of a quick succession of high pitched guttural yells of “ah! ah! uh! uh!” which I cannot control. Also out of my control is the wild and violent jerking of my body as I jump into action and my entire being immediately tries to fling the spider OFF of me (or as I jump back if it is a spider on a web in front of me.) Afterwards, I am consumed by imagined tickles all over my body and in my hair, as if I am being infested by more spiders.

Greg recognized my spider scream from the other room and came in to see if I was okay. I told him that there was a spider on my arm and he then asked if it was just a little spider, while making a little pinch motion with his fingers to demonstrate his imagined itty-bittyness of said spider. As if I would ever exaggerate or overreact to a spider sighting.

They say size doesn’t matter. I think this also applies when it comes to spiders. Well, maybe it matters a little, but a spider is still a spider and must be exterminated. And this spider wasn’t itty-bitty.

Greg then asked where the spider was now. I told him I didn’t know; I was too busy flinging it from my body to watch and make sure it had a safe landing. Then my practical husband said that I should just smack a spider the instant I see it, even if it is on me, so that it doesn’t get lost. Well, that ain’t happening. Nope. Uh uh.

After a few minutes, the spider did show itself again and was climbing up the wall. Greg heroically dealt with it for me.

An Aspiring Nerd…Maybe

As you may know, I like to dabble in techy stuff as it relates to the internet and web design. I know a bit of HTML and CSS (and want to learn more!) and I am definitely a very talented code copier and paster. (I am also a big fan of the “undoing” feature, CTRL-Z, so much so that I find that this undo mentality has leaked into my real life. I often catch myself thinking “oh, undo! Undo!” in regards to everyday life and things I have said. Oh, how I long for an undo capability in real life!)

I love my job. I develop online, automated forms for my company and my job role has lately also taken on the extra function of web developer. You surely don’t hear me complaining about that – I love it. I also am responsible for the support and training on those many forms and websites I have developed and do a little desktop support for users too when I can. For the most part, I look forward to going to work and I enjoy what I do there.

And my favorite thing to do when I have free time is waste that precious free time online. As soon as Adrianna’s precious little self is tucked safely away in her crib for the night, I am glued to my computer. And here I sit until way past my bedtime, as my dishes sit in the sink and our dirty laundry holds fast to its position on the floor in our bedroom. You gotta have your priorities.

All that said, when a fellow alum from Grace University, Jill Hart, recently started up a brand new blog regarding techy hints and tips for fellow dabblers and opened it up for guest authors, I jumped at the chance. So, all that to say that I am now a contributing author on a new blog called I have only done two posts so far, but I have had a lot of fun with them. This writing thing can be a lot of fun.

Let Your “Es” Mean Yes

I have heard so many stories of toddlers who fall in love with saying “No!” Thankfully we haven’t hit that stage yet with Adrianna. In fact, everything is “Yes” (or “es”) with Adrianna. The ‘s’ is a little mushy, but it is yes all the same.

“Adrianna, do you want some more milk?”

“Do you want to read a book?”

“Can you help Mommy put your toys away?”
(Actually helping put the toys away is another story.)

She can also say “more” now. She will bring me her sippy cup for a refill.

“Do you want more milk? Can you say ‘More please?'”

Greg told me that she recognizes her routine before she is brought over to Janette’s in the mornings. Greg will pick Adrianna up and walk around the house looking for her shoes (which she loves to play with, so you never know where they’ll end up). He doesn’t even have to tell Adrianna what they are looking for any more. She’ll pipe up “Soo?” without any prompting. This is often accompanied by her new hand gestures – arms bent up at the elbow, palms up, and fingers splayed. The perfect gesture for “Where is it?” or “I don’t know.”

Some more words:

  • Balloon = Ba-ooh or Boo
  • Cow = bvoo (Moo)
  • Pig = sound of hocking a loogie
  • Duck = also the sound of hocking a loogie

For the animals, she equates their names with the sounds that she has learned that the animals make. She also knows that her rubber duckies live in the bathtub. She will run into her bathroom and makes the duck noise whenever she looks at the bathtub. (She also does this at Nanna’s house. Nanna has lots of rubber duckies that Adrianna enjoys playing with.)

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

This weekend, the three of us went out to eat for lunch. Adrianna is used to tipping her sippy cups in order to get the last drops of liquid out of them. She hasn’t yet learned that she cannot do this with restaurant cups (even the ones with lids), as they are not made for tipping and will leak.

As usual, Adrianna was tipping her milk cup during lunch and some drops of milk were dripping into her lap. Greg made a mad rush to grab the bottom of her cup and put it upright in order to prevent her from getting too wet. In his dash to stop the spilt milk, his arm swiped his own full glass of water. The water spilled all over our table, into my open purse, and onto my lap.

So much for averting a little spill.

First Night Away From My Baby

Last night was my first night away from home without Adrianna. I sure missed my baby girl.

I went up to Wyoming to help my sister out with Layla and Aidan. I am not sure how much help I really was overall though. I have the equipment, but not a working supply so I really couldn’t help with their feedings. I did help feed Layla a supplemental formula feeding sometime in the middle of the night though. I also enjoyed holding the babies and spending time with Cindy and Kendall. I made lunch (enchiladas) and dinner (chili) too.

This afternoon, Karen came over and she and I got some scrapbooking in as well.

It was a fun overnight trip, but I really missed Greg and Adrianna. I was actually glad that the dogs announced my arrival back home tonight, as it woke Adrianna up so I had a good excuse to go into her room and hold her. She was excited to see me and did a little tap dance in her crib. (Her new way of dancing is to do a lot of footsteps – so cute.)

So here is the verdict regarding my case of baby fever. It comes and it goes. It comes whenever I see little Layla and Aidan, so sweet and asleep in their crib. It really hits me when I hold them. But the baby fever quickly retreats when I see Cindy nursing them and I am reminded of my own experience of feeling like a “milk machine” on call at all hours of the day and the oh-so-sleepless nights.

I am so proud of Cindy and Kendall. They are doing a great job at this new parenting thing.

29 and NOT Counting

So I turn 29 today. My dad asked me how it felt to be only one year from 30. I am not sure yet, but I figure I will have several years to find out, because I may just stay here for awhile. Plus, how often is it that you can be the same age as your mother? And I certainly don’t want to pass her up in age. 😉

I have had a wonderful day. My friend and coworker, Ann, brought in cookies so we could celebrate the day with much snacking. She also bought me a pretty flowering plant, a helium balloon, and a huge book of scrapbooking layout ideas.

After I had been at work for a couple hours, a package was dropped off at my desk. It is always so exciting to have a surprise delivered to you at your place of work. My surprise was a thoughtful cookie bouquet from Greggor, along with a sweet card that promised a nice backrub tonight too. Looking very forward to that! He and I will be having a nice dinner together, just the two of us, sometime early next week.

Tonight, Ann, Heather, and I went to CB & Potts for a girls’ night. We sat on the patio, enjoying the beautiful evening, and griped about work and talked about life, our husbands, and babies. What a great day.

A Novel Idea

So I was tagged by Jill over at Christian Work at Home Moms for this fun little game.

Here’s the game: A Novel Idea

  1. If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be? (Just the subjectdont give away your plot idea!)
  2. Or, if just the thought of having to write anything gives you hives, what would you like to read about in a novel that youve never seen done before?
  3. Or if you hate reading fiction (you can get counseling for that, you know), what subject might make you change your mind or try it anyway?

My answer: I guess if I were able to write a novel on any subject, I would choose some type of historical fiction. I love to read, and historical fiction is usually my first choice because I feel like I am learning something while I am also enjoying myself. (Although you do have to be careful of any author’s potential historical bias on events and take some things with a grain of salt.) I am not sure what type of history I would choose though. I do know that if I could at all pull it off, that I would not want the overall story itself to be predictable. I like stories that make me want to stay up until all hours of the night because I cannot put the book down.

When I was around 10, I used to write fictional stories and poems all the time. They usually involved my school friends and mystical things such as unicorns and magic. Anyone following my blog when I talk about my childhood memories can probably tell that I really had a thing for unicorns when I was growing up. No worries though; I don’t have a house full of unicorns or anything like Christine Taylor’s character in Dodgeball. Greg would so not be okay with that.

I know this isn’t a novel, but I sometimes enjoy making training guides for different programs and processes at work. Pretty boring and technical, but writing nonetheless.

I am not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you do play the game, please let me know so I can read your answer.

Introducing Layla Ann and Aidan Scott

I came back home this evening. I missed Greggor and was anxious to get back home. Adrianna gave a little squeal of delight when she was put down in our living room and she spotted one of her strollers that she likes to climb on. It’s good to be home. I plan on going back to Wyoming to help out next weekend.

Here are the promised pictures. I have even more uploaded in our photo gallery.

Cindy gets ready to be rolled into the operating/delivery room.

Cindy gets ready for the O.R.

Kendall gets his scrubs on so he can go into the operating room with Cindy.

Kendall puts on his scrubs

I thought I would be an old pro at holding the babies. After all, we just did this ourselves 15 months ago. But no, I was all nervous about picking them up and supporting their heads. Once I had them in my arms though, I felt better and didn’t want to put them back down. They are so sweet and soft. Below is a picture of me holding Layla and Kendall holding Aidan.
Amber holding Layla

Cindy holding Aidan

Cindy holds Aiden

Cindy, Aidan, Kendall, and Layla

Cindy, Aiden, Kendall, and Layla

Layla and Aidan

Layla and Aiden

Layla and Aiden

Here I am holding Aidan.

Amber and Aiden

Too much excitement for Adrianna. She didn’t get a nap and went to bed way past her bedtime on Friday, so she totally zonked out today in her stroller.


I am so thankful I got to be there this weekend. I am so excited for Cindy and Kendall.

Oh, and I just have to mention one cute thing. Adrianna and I stayed at Karen and Zach’s apartment. Zach had been busily preparing their apartment for our arrival and getting it childproofed. Since they do not have any children yet, their cupboards don’t have locks on them. So, to improvise, he tied belts around the handles of the cupboards that contained dangerous cleaning supplies so that there was no way Adrianna could get into them. I am very appreciative for his thoughtful ingenuity. I wish I would have taken a picture of the cabinets with the belts on the handles. 🙂 Thanks Zach.

Day 3 at the Zoo

As I was getting ready to upload pictures of my new niece and nephew, I realized I still needed to upload pictures from our third trip to the zoo. I love having this zoo membership; we can go as many times as we want and only stay a few hours, which works out great for us.

Adrianna really enjoyed chasing some ground squirrels around the zoo. Lots of passers-by enjoyed watching Adrianna squeal with delight as she chased the ground squirrels.
Adrianna chases a ground squirrel

Adrianna tries to remove her hat.

Adrianna plays with her hat

This time we did get pictures of the African Wild Dogs. They are so beautiful and definitely one of my favorite animals I have seen at the Denver Zoo so far.

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

We also stumbled on a few sections of the zoo that we hadn’t been to before. A petting zoo and an aviary full of colorful lories and lorikeets. Adrianna was shy about petting the goats in the petting zoo, but I did get her to touch the tortoise. She loved the lories and lorikeets. She kept pointing and exclaming, “Buh! Buh!”


We ended our fun afternoon with an ice cream cone. And once again, she was asleep before our car was out of the parking lot.

The Babies have arrived!!

Adrianna and I drove to Wyoming to be with Cindy at the hospital. We ended up spending about 6 hours there. Spending 6 hours at a hospital with an active toddler who won’t nap in her stroller (and thus doesn’t get her afternoon nap) and whom wants to just run and explore makes for one VERY long afternoon. We did bring her two twin baby dolls with us today (a boy and a girl) and she held them for part of the afternoon.

But, we got to be there for the birth of Layla Ann and Aidan Scott, which made it all worth it.

Cindy was wheeled into the operating room for the delivery at 2:10 p.m. (It is their standard practice to do it this way for twins or high-risk pregnancies just in case a C-section is needed.) Poor Cindy. She really had a hard time this afternoon.

It all started when a nurse was unable to administer an epidural after three painful attempts. Not only was this a disappointment that she couldn’t get this pain medication, but the failed attempts ended up giving Cindy extreme pain in her lower back. When Cindy finally was ready to start pushing, she tried hard for an hour and a half. Since she was in the O.R., only Kendall could be in there with her. Mom, Adrianna, and I waited outside the room. Even though the room had a big thick door, we could sometimes hear cries of pain and it was really tough knowing that Cindy was having such a hard time.

After an hour and a half of pushing, the doctor decided to do a C-section since the pain in Cindy’s back from the epidural attempts was really making it difficult for her to make any substancial progress in the pushing. She had to have general anesthesia (be asleep) for the C-section for the same reason that she was unable to have an epidural. So they made Kendall leave the room too.

This is where it got really hard for all of us waiting outside the room. We could see Cindy as they put her on the operating table and hear her cries of pain when they moved her, and so then we were all in tears too. Seeing Kendall in tears made it even harder to stay composed.

Once the C-section was started, it wasn’t long before Layla and Aiden were delivered. I peeked in the small window on the door and even got to see Aiden being lifted up by the doctor. It was amazing. More tears all around.

Layla Ann was born at 4:55. She weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and is 18.5 inches long. Aidan Scott was born at 4:56. He weighed 5 pounds, 2 ounces and is also 18.5 inches long. They are both very healthy and adorable. I got some pictures of them in the nursery which I will post after I go back home later this weekend.

Cindy is also okay, but still having quite a bit of back pain (and of course pain from the C-section). I haven’t gotten to see her yet since the births. The last we heard, she has to go for an MRI to make sure there are no negative after-effects from the 3 botched attempts at an epidural.

Kendall has been such a good daddy already. He never left Cindy’s side until he had to and he was so concerned for his babies and for Cindy. He is such a proud papa.

I am holding Adrianna on my lap and having to do most of the typing one-handed. She just leaned over and gave me a kiss. Oh, my sweet sweet girl. She was so well-behaved today (for the most part.) She could even sense our stress during the C-section portion of the delivery and was extra good and quiet during that time. Once it was over and everyone’s mood visibly lifted, she got all talkative again.

Greggor – I love you and miss you!