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From a person who is only somewhat of a tech-geek but married to a total tech-geek.


Google Analytics

Hooray, I got my invite for Google Analytics!!! Finally! I have been on the waiting list for months now. Google Analytics is a stats tool that I have been anxious to try out. I...



I have quite a few blogs that I like to read, and the information can be quite overwhelming and hard to keep track of without an RSS feeder or website that tracks and identifies...


Picasa and Organizing Photos

Greg mentioned to me recently that a friend of his uses Google’s Picasa program to organize his photos and that he swears by it. Since Picasa is a free downloadable program, I figured I...


Tech support pet peeve

One of my biggest pet peeves: Tech Support (or any type of support) not listening or reading my emails thoroughly. Case in point: I had an issue deploying a new version of a form...