No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

This weekend, the three of us went out to eat for lunch. Adrianna is used to tipping her sippy cups in order to get the last drops of liquid out of them. She hasn’t yet learned that she cannot do this with restaurant cups (even the ones with lids), as they are not made for tipping and will leak.

As usual, Adrianna was tipping her milk cup during lunch and some drops of milk were dripping into her lap. Greg made a mad rush to grab the bottom of her cup and put it upright in order to prevent her from getting too wet. In his dash to stop the spilt milk, his arm swiped his own full glass of water. The water spilled all over our table, into my open purse, and onto my lap.

So much for averting a little spill.

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  1. cindypoo says:

    i remember when karen truely cried over spilt milk..hehe

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