Toys, Learning How to Undress, and the Zoo

I know that toys, undressing, and the zoo really don’t sound like they should all go together. But that is a summary of our last couple of days.

Adrianna loves climbing into things. Lately, instead of just pulling our tupperware out of its place in our cupboards, she now climbs into the cupboard, moving everything to the side. She then shuts the door and derives great pleasure in hearing me ask, “Where’s Adrianna?” At which point she opens the cupboard door with a big smile on her face.

Like the cupboard, a new favorite place to climb into is her box of toys. She still enjoys pulling out every last toy, especially right after I have just put them all away. But she now often can often be found climbing into the toybox to hang out with the toys.

Adrianna and her toys

Toddlers are great imitators. Here is Adrianna, busily pecking away at the computer keyboard with one hand and moving the mouse around with the other. Notice the phone on the computer chair. I was nervous about receiving a bill for a call to China or Timbuktu, so I unplugged it as she was busily dialing away.


Today at Perkins, Adrianna discovered that she could partially disrobe from her onesie that she had on. Once a new thing is discovered, it must be repeated over and over. Here is how I found Adrianna after her afternoon nap.

Tonight I talked Greg into going to the zoo with us. We didn’t have much time there since it was nearing closing time, but the evening was nice and cool. The perfect weather for a trip to the zoo. We especially enjoyed the leopard, along with the many bunnies and squirrels that can be found throughout the premises. There was a squirrel in the cheetah pen, and we watched as the cheetah perked up a bit when he spotted it. But he was too lazy to actually chase the thing down, so he just watched with an interested gleam in his eye as the squirrel smartly made his exit.
Adrianna, Greg, and a leopard at the Denver Zoo

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  1. Amanda says:

    That one sleeved picture looks like it could have been me! I used to walk around on our fireplace hearth like Vanna White in a one-shouldered dress. Man, that was fun.. I don’t think that I could get away with that anymore.. 🙂

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