Let Your “Es” Mean Yes

I have heard so many stories of toddlers who fall in love with saying “No!” Thankfully we haven’t hit that stage yet with Adrianna. In fact, everything is “Yes” (or “es”) with Adrianna. The ‘s’ is a little mushy, but it is yes all the same.

“Adrianna, do you want some more milk?”

“Do you want to read a book?”

“Can you help Mommy put your toys away?”
(Actually helping put the toys away is another story.)

She can also say “more” now. She will bring me her sippy cup for a refill.

“Do you want more milk? Can you say ‘More please?'”

Greg told me that she recognizes her routine before she is brought over to Janette’s in the mornings. Greg will pick Adrianna up and walk around the house looking for her shoes (which she loves to play with, so you never know where they’ll end up). He doesn’t even have to tell Adrianna what they are looking for any more. She’ll pipe up “Soo?” without any prompting. This is often accompanied by her new hand gestures – arms bent up at the elbow, palms up, and fingers splayed. The perfect gesture for “Where is it?” or “I don’t know.”

Some more words:

  • Balloon = Ba-ooh or Boo
  • Cow = bvoo (Moo)
  • Pig = sound of hocking a loogie
  • Duck = also the sound of hocking a loogie

For the animals, she equates their names with the sounds that she has learned that the animals make. She also knows that her rubber duckies live in the bathtub. She will run into her bathroom and makes the duck noise whenever she looks at the bathtub. (She also does this at Nanna’s house. Nanna has lots of rubber duckies that Adrianna enjoys playing with.)

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2 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Must be the age. Katie was going good with “doggy” (da-ie?) but apparently it was too confusing with “daddy” and “doggy” and “daphne” (the dog’s name) so she’s resorted to calling the dog “eh-eh-eh”, which is what she says a dog days. Better than the cat, though. Apparently to her the cat says “oooowwwwww” I love the visual of the shoe search. So cute.

  2. Kristi says:

    I remember the hocking a loogie noise for the pig. I think she was doing that on our vacation already.

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