An Aspiring Nerd…Maybe

As you may know, I like to dabble in techy stuff as it relates to the internet and web design. I know a bit of HTML and CSS (and want to learn more!) and I am definitely a very talented code copier and paster. (I am also a big fan of the “undoing” feature, CTRL-Z, so much so that I find that this undo mentality has leaked into my real life. I often catch myself thinking “oh, undo! Undo!” in regards to everyday life and things I have said. Oh, how I long for an undo capability in real life!)

I love my job. I develop online, automated forms for my company and my job role has lately also taken on the extra function of web developer. You surely don’t hear me complaining about that – I love it. I also am responsible for the support and training on those many forms and websites I have developed and do a little desktop support for users too when I can. For the most part, I look forward to going to work and I enjoy what I do there.

And my favorite thing to do when I have free time is waste that precious free time online. As soon as Adrianna’s precious little self is tucked safely away in her crib for the night, I am glued to my computer. And here I sit until way past my bedtime, as my dishes sit in the sink and our dirty laundry holds fast to its position on the floor in our bedroom. You gotta have your priorities.

All that said, when a fellow alum from Grace University, Jill Hart, recently started up a brand new blog regarding techy hints and tips for fellow dabblers and opened it up for guest authors, I jumped at the chance. So, all that to say that I am now a contributing author on a new blog called I have only done two posts so far, but I have had a lot of fun with them. This writing thing can be a lot of fun.

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