Day 3 at the Zoo

As I was getting ready to upload pictures of my new niece and nephew, I realized I still needed to upload pictures from our third trip to the zoo. I love having this zoo membership; we can go as many times as we want and only stay a few hours, which works out great for us.

Adrianna really enjoyed chasing some ground squirrels around the zoo. Lots of passers-by enjoyed watching Adrianna squeal with delight as she chased the ground squirrels.
Adrianna chases a ground squirrel

Adrianna tries to remove her hat.

Adrianna plays with her hat

This time we did get pictures of the African Wild Dogs. They are so beautiful and definitely one of my favorite animals I have seen at the Denver Zoo so far.

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

We also stumbled on a few sections of the zoo that we hadn’t been to before. A petting zoo and an aviary full of colorful lories and lorikeets. Adrianna was shy about petting the goats in the petting zoo, but I did get her to touch the tortoise. She loved the lories and lorikeets. She kept pointing and exclaming, “Buh! Buh!”


We ended our fun afternoon with an ice cream cone. And once again, she was asleep before our car was out of the parking lot.

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