The Babies have arrived!!

Adrianna and I drove to Wyoming to be with Cindy at the hospital. We ended up spending about 6 hours there. Spending 6 hours at a hospital with an active toddler who won’t nap in her stroller (and thus doesn’t get her afternoon nap) and whom wants to just run and explore makes for one VERY long afternoon. We did bring her two twin baby dolls with us today (a boy and a girl) and she held them for part of the afternoon.

But, we got to be there for the birth of Layla Ann and Aidan Scott, which made it all worth it.

Cindy was wheeled into the operating room for the delivery at 2:10 p.m. (It is their standard practice to do it this way for twins or high-risk pregnancies just in case a C-section is needed.) Poor Cindy. She really had a hard time this afternoon.

It all started when a nurse was unable to administer an epidural after three painful attempts. Not only was this a disappointment that she couldn’t get this pain medication, but the failed attempts ended up giving Cindy extreme pain in her lower back. When Cindy finally was ready to start pushing, she tried hard for an hour and a half. Since she was in the O.R., only Kendall could be in there with her. Mom, Adrianna, and I waited outside the room. Even though the room had a big thick door, we could sometimes hear cries of pain and it was really tough knowing that Cindy was having such a hard time.

After an hour and a half of pushing, the doctor decided to do a C-section since the pain in Cindy’s back from the epidural attempts was really making it difficult for her to make any substancial progress in the pushing. She had to have general anesthesia (be asleep) for the C-section for the same reason that she was unable to have an epidural. So they made Kendall leave the room too.

This is where it got really hard for all of us waiting outside the room. We could see Cindy as they put her on the operating table and hear her cries of pain when they moved her, and so then we were all in tears too. Seeing Kendall in tears made it even harder to stay composed.

Once the C-section was started, it wasn’t long before Layla and Aiden were delivered. I peeked in the small window on the door and even got to see Aiden being lifted up by the doctor. It was amazing. More tears all around.

Layla Ann was born at 4:55. She weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and is 18.5 inches long. Aidan Scott was born at 4:56. He weighed 5 pounds, 2 ounces and is also 18.5 inches long. They are both very healthy and adorable. I got some pictures of them in the nursery which I will post after I go back home later this weekend.

Cindy is also okay, but still having quite a bit of back pain (and of course pain from the C-section). I haven’t gotten to see her yet since the births. The last we heard, she has to go for an MRI to make sure there are no negative after-effects from the 3 botched attempts at an epidural.

Kendall has been such a good daddy already. He never left Cindy’s side until he had to and he was so concerned for his babies and for Cindy. He is such a proud papa.

I am holding Adrianna on my lap and having to do most of the typing one-handed. She just leaned over and gave me a kiss. Oh, my sweet sweet girl. She was so well-behaved today (for the most part.) She could even sense our stress during the C-section portion of the delivery and was extra good and quiet during that time. Once it was over and everyone’s mood visibly lifted, she got all talkative again.

Greggor – I love you and miss you!

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