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Tech support pet peeve

One of my biggest pet peeves: Tech Support (or any type of support) not listening or reading my emails thoroughly.

Case in point: I had an issue deploying a new version of a form to our server. I emailed tech support and provided the exact error messages (word for word), what I was doing at the time the error messages were received, the steps I took to see if I could get around it or resolve it myself (in neat, organized bullet points), and informed them that I ftp’d the file to their site so they could look at it. I was not wordy in my email.

I got an email back from them asking if I had performed a certain step. This step was one of them listed in my original email. In fact, it was the very first bulletpoint of the things I had listed out as already trying. They also asked if I could send them the file so they could look at it. *sigh* So I responded that I had sent the file to them via ftp on Wednesday and that my original email also stated all the steps I had taken.

The most annoying thing about this is that I sent the information on Wednesday and they emailed me back on Thursday morning. Since I don’t work on Thursdays, their request for more information sat all day on Thursday, when if they would have just read my original email, it could have been possibly resolved by now. So much for meeting our release date on Monday.

Street Faire

Tonight after I picked up Greg from work, we went to the Flatiron Crossing Mall for dinner. I really like the corndogs at Muscle Beach. Yum! Afterwards we walked around the outside of the mall, as they were having a Street Faire with live music and vendors. I love this kind of event. Just meandering along, looking at the vendors, listening to live music, and watching all the different people doing the same thing we are. People watching is especially entertaining.

In Omaha, there were a couple events like this that I thought were really fun. The Taste of Omaha (held at ConAgra/Heartland of America Park) and the College World Series. For both events, I would work the GodFathers booth and sell pizza and Krispy Kreme donuts. (Krispy Kreme was owned by the same corporate as Godfathers was there.) The booth, which was really a small trailer, would be hotter than heck since an oven took up ¼ of the space, but it was still great fun being a part of all the hustle and bustle.

Last night my cousin, Kate, stayed the night with us. I am always glad to see her as she is so much fun and I just love hearing her stories of all the exciting (and crazy/scary!) things she does at the Air Force Academy. She is way braver than I am. Anyways, Kate had gotten a ride up to our house from a friend of hers who is in the navy and is probably one of the most politest of young men that I have ever met. He even called me ma’am. hehe.

Petey just loves when Kate comes over. Kate loves kitties, and thus Petey gets lots of attention from her. He sheds so badly that, after she petted him for awhile, there were tufts of fur all over our front yard. It looked like a major catfight had taken place!

We all stayed up late and watched Meet the Fockers, which we happened to have on Netflix. Then this morning I drove her to the airport so she could catch a flight to Connecticut to hook up with family.

Baby Pics


Hmmm…Maybe Adrianna does look a little like her mommy. (Except her mommy had even more hair.)

The pitfalls of new independence

Now that Adrianna is getting new independence (i.e. rolling over from her back to her tummy), she is pretty pleased with herself. Last night however, she experienced firsthand that new independence can also bring other new experiences. Such as rolling into coffee tables and bumping her head.


I forgot to mention – they took Adrianna’s weight, height, and all that jazz at this appointment too. She was 15 pounds (with her clothes on) and she was 24.75 inches long. Her weight is in the 90th percentile and height was 95th. Or do I have those backwards? Either way, they were both up there! Her head circumference was in the 65th percentile. Big Baby. 🙂

The Amber Song

My Uncle Larry wrote this short song for me when I was really young. (My mom referred to it in a previous post.) Probably to help me spell my name. I have sang it for as long as I can remember.

I’m always happy, never never sad.
I love my mommy and my dad.
And I love Jesus who made every star.
My name is Amber..A..M ..B..E..R…

He also wrote one for his daughter Larinna. It had the same tune; just different lyrics.

I like to run and I like to play.
I also like to spell my name.
That spells Larrina. Yay! Yay! Yay!

I have been singing Larina’s song to Adrianna, but I replace Larrina and spell out Adrianna’s name instead. hehe. She’s got a long name, so I figure she’ll need the extra help in learning how to spell it some day. What better way to learn than to learn it from a song?


We took Adrianna to the neurologist today. Her neck has seemed to get better the past week (not as much favoring to the left) in the time since we first made the appointment, but we thought we should keep the appointment just in case.

The neurologist diagnosed her with Torticollis. She said that it doesn’t appear that it is serious for Adrianna. It is basically a tightened muscle on one side of her neck and told us how we can exercise it on a daily basis to help the condition go away. The exercises basically consist of us gently helping her to stretch her neck back and forth several times a day. We were told that this condition is actually getting more common now that mothers are told to put their babies on their backs to sleep in order to reduce their chances of SIDS. Which is something that I have been doing faithfully.

Now that I look more closely at the pictures on this blog (above), 3 of the 4 babies shown have their heads tilted to the left…

I am just glad that her condition isn’t serious and that we can continue to improve it with exercise.


On my way to pick up Greg from work, Adrianna started fussing. Since I was driving, I couldn’t easily calm her down since her carseat is located in the back seat. So I started singing. I began with Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, as she usually enjoys when I sing that to her. Sure enough, as soon as I started singing it to her, she quieted down. So I sang different songs to her the rest of the way.

One thing about becoming a new parent is that you all of a sudden realize that you need to learn (or relearn) a slew of songs for children. I have been racking my brain for all those childhood songs that I learned so that I can sing them to Adrianna. Other than Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, there are a few others that she seems to like. One of them is a song I like to call Clean and Dry. Here are the lyrics, sung to the tune of Deep and Wide.

Clean and Dry.
Clean and Dry, Adrianna’s diaper’s clean and dry.
Clean and Dry.
Clean and Dry, Adrianna’s diaper’s clean and dry!

One of my favorite things to do is insert her name into songs whenever possible.

Adrianna, she is my sunshine.
She makes me happy, when skies are grey.
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Well, you get the drift.


I was pushing Adrianna in a shopping cart today at SuperTarget when I heard this rumbly noise. Not knowing what it was, I stopped the cart in order to get a better listen. The rumbling stopped. Just when I was getting ready to start pushing the cart again and be on my merry way, I heard it start up once more. It was then that I realized that it was coming from my sweet, innocent baby. Yes, it was a grand fart; one her daddy would be proud of. And when it was done, Adrianna flashed one of her adorable smiles. Or was it a mischevious smirk?

A couple of aisles later, Adrianna began to make her grunty noises. She was pushing. It was a red-in-the-face push. Oh dear. Not here! After awhile, she stopped and I assumed all was well.

We headed over to the baby section so I could purchase some onesies for her. Onesies are the best invention for summertime/home babywear – so easy and convenient! Anyways, Adrianna became really talkative with coos and goos all over the place. I attributed it to her being a born shopper and having a good time with mommy.

When we finally headed out to the car, I realized why she was really so talkative and happy. Turns out her earlier pushing hadn’t been in vain after all. She must’ve felt like a million bucks after that one! Good thing too, since that is about how much money we invest in diapers each month.

Saturday night we watched Maggie and Annabelle for Shad and Lynette while they attended a concert at Red Rocks with their family (Aaron, Lisa, Hans, Leslie, and Leighton). It is always fun to have 4 dachshies running around. Last time we watched their dogs for them, they whined at the door for awhile after Shad and Lynette left. They are getting so used to hanging out at our house now that they weren’t phased one bit this time. (Sorry Shad and Lynette – I am sure they still missed you! 😉 ) All four dogs had fun playing and taking turns with the rope toy. By taking turns, I literally mean taking the rope from each other in turn.

On Sunday, Greg, Adrianna, and I drove to Springs to bring the dogs back to the Rempels but also to hang out with them there for the day. We had four dogs and a baby in the backseat. The baby was in her carseat in the middle and had two dogs on each side of her. All four dogs are very well behaved when traveling, so no worries. Our two stayed on their side and Annabelle and Maggie were good too – when traversing between sides they did so on the floor of the car rather than trying to jump over the carseat. Smart pups.

We ate lunch at Paravicinis Italian Bistro. After lunch, their family left and the rest of us drove up into the mountains to partake of some beautiful scenery and deer ondemand, as Shad would say. I will try to post pictures to our gallery later today. After that, it was time for some Uno Attack.

Now, I am here at work. 4:30 a.m. came way too early this morning. It was extra hard to leave Adrianna this morning. She was so cute when I woke her up for her feeding and back to sleep by the time I left. I just hope she stays asleep for awhile for Greggor so he can get some sleep!

First Date

Oh Sweet! Looky what else I just found! I had to post it, I was so excited. I have been looking for this picture for quite some time, as I am anxious to add it to our scrapbook. It is a picture taken on our first date. September 23, 1998.

That morning, before we were to go on our date, The Ambassadors, the music group I was in, sang in Suckau Chapel. Afterwards, I ran into Greg near the mailboxes and there was awkwardness. Neither of us knew what to do. We didn’t know each other really well yet at this point, yet we were to go on a date that evening. So Greg told me that I did a good job singing and then he shook my hand. Shook my hand. I thought it was a weird gesture, but what else could be done? He couldn’t just hug me since we weren’t to that place yet. hehe.

Our first date was awesome. Greg totally won me over. He picked me up at Stanford Hall (where my dorm room was located at that time) and we walked over to a field a couple blocks away near where Old Main used to stand. There, we had a picnic lunch that he had packed himself. Bagel sandwiches, apples, and apple dip. After that, we went to the Crossroads mall. He had made two envelopes that were labeled “Date Money”. One was written in pink; one in blue (which Greg eagerly pointed out to me). Each contained a small amount of cash, maybe $3 or something. The goal was to spend the money in our respective envelopes on the other person. Greg got me a small candle (which I still have). I got Greg this toy that has gel in it that you cannot hold on to (it has since broke and is long gone). Then, we took our remaining money and went to photo booth and took our picture together.

For anyone who is really bored, we have a page on how we first met, how we actually got together (basically how Greg got the nerve to finally ask me out), and how Greg proposed. It can be found at

Bert and Ernie

In my sophomore year of college, I shared a dorm room with Sally Harrison. She was the coolest roommate – we had way too much fun staying up late and thinking of fun and creative pranks to play on some of the guys at Grace, calling the boys over at Schmidt, and coming up with creative answering machine messages. I sure wish I had a recording of some of our messages.

Anyways, as I was cleaning out one of our closets this afternoon, I found this poster that was made for us by Jen Allen. It hung over the door to our dorm room. I am not sure which one of us was Bert or which one was Ernie. I suppose only Jen could answer that question. hehe.

New Harry Potter

We bought the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book tonight – hooray! Hopefully it won’t cause too much marital strife since we only bought one copy and we both cannot wait to read it…

On a roll

Now that Adrianna has learned to roll over, we cannot stop her! She’s on a roll! [pun intended] You can totally tell that she is pretty proud of her newly acquired independence. She gets this look of satisfied achievement on her face, along with some of her sweet smiles. She has rolled over countless times now, and even rolled back to her back a couple times right after rolling to her tummy. She still hasn’t been able to figure out what to do with her right arm, which invariably remains positioned under her tummy at a weird angle. I know with time though she will get strong enough to lift her body and pull it to a better, more comfortable position.