Bert and Ernie

In my sophomore year of college, I shared a dorm room with Sally Harrison. She was the coolest roommate – we had way too much fun staying up late and thinking of fun and creative pranks to play on some of the guys at Grace, calling the boys over at Schmidt, and coming up with creative answering machine messages. I sure wish I had a recording of some of our messages.

Anyways, as I was cleaning out one of our closets this afternoon, I found this poster that was made for us by Jen Allen. It hung over the door to our dorm room. I am not sure which one of us was Bert or which one was Ernie. I suppose only Jen could answer that question. hehe.

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  1. Jen Allen says:

    I do not know who is who but boy is it funny to see this posted on your site! Haha…I got a warm, fuzzy feeling thinking about all the good times with you girls in college!

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