Last night my cousin, Kate, stayed the night with us. I am always glad to see her as she is so much fun and I just love hearing her stories of all the exciting (and crazy/scary!) things she does at the Air Force Academy. She is way braver than I am. Anyways, Kate had gotten a ride up to our house from a friend of hers who is in the navy and is probably one of the most politest of young men that I have ever met. He even called me ma’am. hehe.

Petey just loves when Kate comes over. Kate loves kitties, and thus Petey gets lots of attention from her. He sheds so badly that, after she petted him for awhile, there were tufts of fur all over our front yard. It looked like a major catfight had taken place!

We all stayed up late and watched Meet the Fockers, which we happened to have on Netflix. Then this morning I drove her to the airport so she could catch a flight to Connecticut to hook up with family.

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