Tech support pet peeve

One of my biggest pet peeves: Tech Support (or any type of support) not listening or reading my emails thoroughly.

Case in point: I had an issue deploying a new version of a form to our server. I emailed tech support and provided the exact error messages (word for word), what I was doing at the time the error messages were received, the steps I took to see if I could get around it or resolve it myself (in neat, organized bullet points), and informed them that I ftp’d the file to their site so they could look at it. I was not wordy in my email.

I got an email back from them asking if I had performed a certain step. This step was one of them listed in my original email. In fact, it was the very first bulletpoint of the things I had listed out as already trying. They also asked if I could send them the file so they could look at it. *sigh* So I responded that I had sent the file to them via ftp on Wednesday and that my original email also stated all the steps I had taken.

The most annoying thing about this is that I sent the information on Wednesday and they emailed me back on Thursday morning. Since I don’t work on Thursdays, their request for more information sat all day on Thursday, when if they would have just read my original email, it could have been possibly resolved by now. So much for meeting our release date on Monday.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff Reimer says:

    Ooh, corporate bureaucracies make my blood boil!

  2. Greg Reimer says:

    Tech support people have to deal with so many dumb people that they themselves become dumb. It all goes back to the old “argue with idiots, become an idiot” adage.

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