I was pushing Adrianna in a shopping cart today at SuperTarget when I heard this rumbly noise. Not knowing what it was, I stopped the cart in order to get a better listen. The rumbling stopped. Just when I was getting ready to start pushing the cart again and be on my merry way, I heard it start up once more. It was then that I realized that it was coming from my sweet, innocent baby. Yes, it was a grand fart; one her daddy would be proud of. And when it was done, Adrianna flashed one of her adorable smiles. Or was it a mischevious smirk?

A couple of aisles later, Adrianna began to make her grunty noises. She was pushing. It was a red-in-the-face push. Oh dear. Not here! After awhile, she stopped and I assumed all was well.

We headed over to the baby section so I could purchase some onesies for her. Onesies are the best invention for summertime/home babywear – so easy and convenient! Anyways, Adrianna became really talkative with coos and goos all over the place. I attributed it to her being a born shopper and having a good time with mommy.

When we finally headed out to the car, I realized why she was really so talkative and happy. Turns out her earlier pushing hadn’t been in vain after all. She must’ve felt like a million bucks after that one! Good thing too, since that is about how much money we invest in diapers each month.

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2 Responses

  1. Shad says:

    Ahh.. the old “Million Bucker” huh?
    i think daddy likes that one too! 😉

  2. Karen says:

    Every now and then I hear one of those “Rumbly’s” from…my husband, who shall remain anonymous…not quite as cute, I’m sure 😉

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