Saturday night we watched Maggie and Annabelle for Shad and Lynette while they attended a concert at Red Rocks with their family (Aaron, Lisa, Hans, Leslie, and Leighton). It is always fun to have 4 dachshies running around. Last time we watched their dogs for them, they whined at the door for awhile after Shad and Lynette left. They are getting so used to hanging out at our house now that they weren’t phased one bit this time. (Sorry Shad and Lynette – I am sure they still missed you! 😉 ) All four dogs had fun playing and taking turns with the rope toy. By taking turns, I literally mean taking the rope from each other in turn.

On Sunday, Greg, Adrianna, and I drove to Springs to bring the dogs back to the Rempels but also to hang out with them there for the day. We had four dogs and a baby in the backseat. The baby was in her carseat in the middle and had two dogs on each side of her. All four dogs are very well behaved when traveling, so no worries. Our two stayed on their side and Annabelle and Maggie were good too – when traversing between sides they did so on the floor of the car rather than trying to jump over the carseat. Smart pups.

We ate lunch at Paravicini’s Italian Bistro. After lunch, their family left and the rest of us drove up into the mountains to partake of some beautiful scenery and deer ondemand, as Shad would say. I will try to post pictures to our gallery later today. After that, it was time for some Uno Attack.

Now, I am here at work. 4:30 a.m. came way too early this morning. It was extra hard to leave Adrianna this morning. She was so cute when I woke her up for her feeding and back to sleep by the time I left. I just hope she stays asleep for awhile for Greggor so he can get some sleep!

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