First Date

Oh Sweet! Looky what else I just found! I had to post it, I was so excited. I have been looking for this picture for quite some time, as I am anxious to add it to our scrapbook. It is a picture taken on our first date. September 23, 1998.

That morning, before we were to go on our date, The Ambassadors, the music group I was in, sang in Suckau Chapel. Afterwards, I ran into Greg near the mailboxes and there was awkwardness. Neither of us knew what to do. We didn’t know each other really well yet at this point, yet we were to go on a date that evening. So Greg told me that I did a good job singing and then he shook my hand. Shook my hand. I thought it was a weird gesture, but what else could be done? He couldn’t just hug me since we weren’t to that place yet. hehe.

Our first date was awesome. Greg totally won me over. He picked me up at Stanford Hall (where my dorm room was located at that time) and we walked over to a field a couple blocks away near where Old Main used to stand. There, we had a picnic lunch that he had packed himself. Bagel sandwiches, apples, and apple dip. After that, we went to the Crossroads mall. He had made two envelopes that were labeled “Date Money”. One was written in pink; one in blue (which Greg eagerly pointed out to me). Each contained a small amount of cash, maybe $3 or something. The goal was to spend the money in our respective envelopes on the other person. Greg got me a small candle (which I still have). I got Greg this toy that has gel in it that you cannot hold on to (it has since broke and is long gone). Then, we took our remaining money and went to photo booth and took our picture together.

For anyone who is really bored, we have a page on how we first met, how we actually got together (basically how Greg got the nerve to finally ask me out), and how Greg proposed. It can be found at

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  1. Shad's Dad says:


  2. Karen says:

    It’s hard to say when Zach’s and my first actual DATE was…we were such good friends, the best in fact, that it’s hard to differentiate. I do remember the important stuff…like when we first kissed (don’t remember the actual DATE on this one, but I know it was in december and under the mistletoe!) When we started going out, for real…the day Zach proposed…things like that.

  3. amber's mom says: says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww i really like that picture too!

  4. Jen Allen says:

    How cute! I remember those Grace Days!!

  1. 4/13/2006

    […] Our real first date. He planned an outdoor picnic and then we went to the mall where we each had an envelope labeled “Date Money” and had a couple dollars to creatively spend on each other. Greg pointed out that my “Date Money” envelope was in pink and his was in blue. The fact that he had planned such a fun date totally swept me off my feet. […]

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