We took Adrianna to the neurologist today. Her neck has seemed to get better the past week (not as much favoring to the left) in the time since we first made the appointment, but we thought we should keep the appointment just in case.

The neurologist diagnosed her with Torticollis. She said that it doesn’t appear that it is serious for Adrianna. It is basically a tightened muscle on one side of her neck and told us how we can exercise it on a daily basis to help the condition go away. The exercises basically consist of us gently helping her to stretch her neck back and forth several times a day. We were told that this condition is actually getting more common now that mothers are told to put their babies on their backs to sleep in order to reduce their chances of SIDS. Which is something that I have been doing faithfully.

Now that I look more closely at the pictures on this blog (above), 3 of the 4 babies shown have their heads tilted to the left…

I am just glad that her condition isn’t serious and that we can continue to improve it with exercise.

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