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Fun Little Grammar Test

I found this fun little grammar test on Shannon’s blog and couldn’t resist taking it. I got a 100%. What is your score?

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know “no” from “know.” Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
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Contents of My Coat Pocket

You know you have reached Mom status when you reach into your coat pocket on a chilly day and the single pair of gloves contained within will only fit little toddler hands.

Opting Out of Phone Book Delivery

I am working on cleaning up one of my cupboards and as I was placing our many large phone books into a box to be taken to a recycling bin down the road, I got the crazy idea to call QwestDex and ask them to take me off of their delivery list altogether. We receive roughly 4+ phone books each year from QwestDex and Yellow Book. And these are monstrous sized books since Denver is such a large area. On top of those huge books we also receive a couple smaller phone books that contain just our general area of the city. We never use the phone books since everything can be found online, which I find to be much more convenient anyways. So by removing our name from their delivery list, I figured I would be not only doing myself a favor (less clutter/garbage to dispose of) but that I would also be doing them a favor by allowing them less production and delivery costs. Not only that, it would be good for the environment.

However, when I called QwestDex (not to be confused with Qwest’s regular telephone service), you would have thought that I had just asked for the most impossible request in the world. The lady hemmed and hawed, not sure quite what to do with me. Finally I was given a different number for their delivery service, which I found odd since, according to the phone book, the QwestDex delivery service was whom I had just called. Whatever.

So I called the second number. After listening to the longest messages in the world before I was given any options to press on my touchtone phone (“0” didn’t work – I tried), I realized that the number that the lady had given me was completely incorrect. I asked the gentleman who answered the phone, “I was given this number by QwestDex to remove myself from their phone book deliveries, but it sounds like that you are just recruiting people TO deliver the phone book?” The man on the other line confirmed that I was correct. ARGH.

So I called QwestDex back. They tried to give me that other phone number again. When I told them what the other number was really for, there was a pause. Then the lady said, “Let me check to see how I need to handle this request.”

After a brief moment, she took down my information. I wonder if I should take bets on whether or not I will receive next this next year’s phone books or not. I am not holding my breath on my request really getting taken care of.

*I do need to note that the customer service people were friendly when I called. Just not sure what to do with me. Someone not want a phone book? Inconceivable!

Thanksgiving Vacation…Part 2

Dave and Marilyn had invited two Nepalese students from a University in Wichita to spend Thanksgiving day with us so they could see an American Thanksgiving. This was their first time in an American home too. It was very interesting to talk to them and hear about their new experiences here and to hear about Nepal. Sanjay and Bibek were both very polite. When they first came inside, they folded their hands together and bowed slightly and said, “Namaste.” They also brought postcards and a gift as a thank-you for Dave and Marilyn for hosting them.

Sanjay was very quiet and shy but Bibik was very happy to answer all of our many questions about themselves and their country. Bibek is from Kathmandu and Sanjay is from a region south of there (I think). Sanjay is studying biochemistry and Bibek is studying information technology, so Bibek and Greg especially had a lot of things to talk about.

After a delicious meal, the family taught them how to play Farkle. Bibek won.
Bibek playing Farkle

Sanjay playing Farkle

Bibek also told us about his bungee jumping experience in Bhotekoshi, Nepal which is over 500 feet high and boasts (from their website) that they are one of the longest free falls in the world. You can see the video of his experience at

I am really glad that Dave and Marilyn invited Bibek and Sanjay to share Thanksgiving with us. I enjoyed meeting them and hear about their different culture. That evening, you can bet I was looking online to learn more about Nepal and to see pictures too. It looks and sounds like a very interesting and beautiful country.

Group picture: Dave, Marilyn, Kristi, Grandpa Reimer, Grandma Reimer, Amber, Adrianna (petting Molly), Sanjay, Bibek (holding Chloe), and Greg.

Thanksgiving 2006

A Toddler of Many Words

My mother-in-law and I compiled a list of all of Adrianna’s current words yesterday. We are probably missing a few, but here is an extensive list of over fifty words that we came up with. These are words that she uses on her own without our prompting.

Adrianna’s words (as of November 25, 2006)

19 months old

  1. Mama
  2. Daddy (Dah-dee)
  3. Hi
  4. Yeah
  5. Yes, please (Yes, peese)
  6. Thanks (Thaks)
  7. Shoes (soos)
  8. Cheese (chis)
  9. Molly (mah-mee)
  10. Dog (dah)
  11. Pizza (za za)
  12. Elephant (tsa tsa)
  13. Peas
  14. Banana (nana)
  15. Apple (appo)
  16. Bye Bye
  17. Night Night (nigh nigh)
  18. Computer (bo bu)
  19. Diaper (da da)
  20. Knee
  21. Toes (tees)
  22. Eye
  23. Light (die)
  24. Moon (mooh)
  25. Star
  26. Geese
  27. Kitty (key)
  28. Juice (ju)
  29. Water (wa wa)
  30. More (mo-eh)
  31. Bird (Buh)
  32. Balloon (boo)
  33. Ball (bah)
  34. Elbow (beh-bow)
  35. Hippo (buh buh)
  36. Pooh
  37. Bear
  38. Butterfly (bah bye)
  39. Bee
  40. Bzzz
  41. Moo
  42. Baby (bah bah)
  43. Leaves (lee)
  44. Hey
  45. Clock (clah)
  46. Roar (rawww)
  47. Uh huh (um hmm)
  48. Nose (no)
  49. Ear (ea-uh)
  50. Sun (saw)
  51. Tree (tee)
  52. Peak-a-boo (pee-a-oo)
  53. Uh Oh
  54. Bawk Bawk (chicken noises)
  55. Duck noises (sounds like she is hocking a loogie)
  56. Pig Noises (sounds like she is hocking a loogie)
  57. Telephone (tsa tsa)
  58. Eyebrow (buh bo)
  59. Keys

She also does a few phrases that really aren’t words but she totally catches the inflection of how we say them. She will hide and we used to always ask, “Where’s Adrianna?” with our voices rising in tone at the ‘anna’ in her name. So now if she hides and we don’t ask the question, we hear a little voice sing out, “ahahAHah” with her voice rising in tone in the same place even though she isn’t saying the actual word.

To follow up to that, when she reveals her hiding place, we would say, “There she is!” So now Adrianna will prompt us when she comes out of hiding with a, “sa-si-sis!” with the same tone and inflection that we always had used.

And of course she often repeats words we say throughout the day now, so this vocabulary continues to grow.

Night Night

I was a little worried about having to sleep in the same room as Adrianna both in our hotel on the way here and once we got to Greg’s parents’ house. In the past, Adrianna was a very light sleeper and would wake up at every little noise. Being as Greg is a noisy tosser and turner while he sleeps (he insists on groaning every time he rolls over), this would mean that she would wake up a lot. As a result, we used to setup her pack-n-play in the large walk-in closet that is part of the guest bedroom here.

As she has gotten older though, it appears that she is a heavier sleeper and does fine sleeping in the same room. She even recognizes that we are sleeping if she wakes up earlier than us and sometimes will play quietly in her crib for a little while. But once we roll over, she then sees we are awake and excitedly cries out, “Momma!” at which point we have to get up and get her out of her crib or she’ll get upset.

This afternoon’s nap was yet another one of those times. I was awake but hadn’t rolled over yet so I was facing away from her crib, enjoying the moment while I listened to her quietly entertain herself in her crib. Every now and then during her play she would quietly say, “Momma.” Then she would keep on quietly playing with the toys in her crib. Once I rolled over, it was a loud proclaimation of, “Momma!!” Definitely one of the sweetest ways to wake up.

Greg had a sweet moment with Adrianna last night too. She was very restless in the middle of the night and Greg could tell she was not sleeping well. So he picked her up and held her for a little while. Then he asked her if she could go “night night” and she very quietly and sleepily said, “yes, pees.”

Thanksgiving Vacation…Part 1

So we are spending Thanksgiving with the Reimers this year.

Having decided that we wanted to split our long drive to Kansas into two days rather than taking it all in one haul, we left on Monday evening and stopped overnight at a hotel in Kansas. I was a little worried about how Adrianna would sleep with us being in the same room as her, but she did great. She did wake up scared once in the middle of the night, but once I gave her bear to her (after she had thrown it out of the crib) she laid back down and promptly fell back to sleep.

Have you ever noticed how it is more fun to watch tv in a hotel than it is at home? I don’t know why that is, especially since we have cable at home too. The only thing I really missed was being able to fast forward through commercials.

However, once we discovered that the hotel had free wireless internet, out came our laptops and off went the tv. It is hard to complete with the internet in our family.

We got to our destination at about 3:30 Kansas time on Tuesday. By this time, Adrianna had kindly shared the worst of her cold with me so I now have a sinus infection. Why is it that I always seem to get sick on vacation?

Tuesday was Grandma Reimer’s 85th birthday so to celebrate we all went out to Montana Mike’s where I had some of the best t-bone steak EVER. So yummy. I love Montana Mike’s. I especially like that they have my favorite salad dressing, Dorothy Lynch, which also happens to be pretty much the only salad dressing I will eat besides an occasional caesar salad. Adrianna was not in the best of moods which is pretty normal for her when her schedule gets interrupted or it is past bedtime, both of which probably could apply here. She had mashed potatoes everywhere by the end of dinner. Smashed and rubbed all over the table, on the floor, in her hair.

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day working (remotely) since my coworker had the day off. Have I said how much I love the internet? It was such a blessing to still be able to take this vacation even though I did have to work for one day of it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to even leave Colorado until Wednesday evening. It was also nice to see Adrianna during the day while I worked. Greg was kind enough to watch her for me.

Wednesday evening we went to church for a Thanksgiving Eve service. There wasn’t any nursery, and Adrianna absolutely can not sit still for more than a few minutes, so a few minutes into the singing she and I made our way to the back of the service where I held and bounced her. While I was singing along to the songs, she would look into my eyes and stroke my face with her sweet little hand, pat my hair, or lean in for some soft kisses. It is hard to be frustrated with her when she can turn into such an angel so quickly. Later, Marilyn helped me by taking her out into the foyer for the message so she wouldn’t disturb anyone. I was a little dismayed when at first it seemed like everyone else’s toddler was sweetly behaving for the service but I began to feel much better when I saw many more parents and toddlers begin to trickle out of the service and into the foyer too.

More to come later…

One, Two, Threeee!

This Saturday, I drove down to Springs to spend the day with Kristy. Greg was kind enough to stay home with Adrianna, who is still quite sick.

Our girls’ day was so much fun. We did lots of shopping, had ice cream (chocolate peanut butter with a reeses pb cup mix in-Yum!), had a nice dinner, and then did some more shopping and got our rings sparkly clean at a jewelers. Shopping is so much more fun when you have a girlfriend to go with. I got several new outfits – hooray for new clothes!

It was also fun to catch up with each other. We don’t see each other nearly as often as I’d like, but in the end that never seems to matter too much. Kristy is one of those great friends where we can go for several months without seeing each other and then just pick right back up as if no time has passed. I guess that is why the friendship has lasted for 15 years now. Friends like that are priceless. I also appreciate that I can share things with her that I do not feel comfortable talking to anyone else about. She knows all my deep, dark secrets and loves me anyways. Of course, this also means that she has more blackmail material on me than anyone I know. Of course, that works both ways. 🙂

Today Adrianna and I stayed home from church, as I am sure the other toddler moms would appreciate their children not catching this awful bug that Adrianna has. She is still coughing and congested. The bonus though is that she is more cuddly than usual.

Probably 5 out of the 7 mornings each week, Greg takes care of Adrianna’s morning routine since I am already at work. Changing her diaper, getting her dressed, feeding her breakfast. On Sundays since Greg leaves early for worship team, these duties fall to me. Today, Adrianna kept saying, “Dah-dee? Dah-dee? Dah-dee?” as we went through the routine. I think she was wondering where her Daddy was.

When Greg returned home, Adrianna crawled up into his lap and cuddled in close, head resting on his shoulder. She promptly fell to sleep. She loves her Daddy.

It is funny how we have our different routines with Adrianna. She usually comes to me if she wants to dance (although if I am gone, she has no problem substituting Greg in my place). But if she wants to be thrown up in the air, she goes to Greg.

Whenever Greg throws her up into the air, he counts down first. “One, Two, Threeee!” Then she is tossed up and there is much giggling and glee. So now when Adrianna wants Daddy to throw her up in the air, she will walk over to him and start counting down. “Tee, Tee, Teeeee!” That is Greg’s cue. So then he will count down and she will count down with him. “Tee, Tee, Teeee!”

Little Miss Manners

Adrianna is starting to learn manners, or at least the words that go along with good manners.

Me: Adrianna, would you like some more juice?
Adrianna: Es, Ees. (Yes, Please)
Me (after refilling the sippy cup): Here you go, Sweetie.
Adrianna: Aeks. (Thanks)

I have to tell you, I sure cannot resist any request that she gives me when it is accompanied by such sweet words.

My Baby is Sick

Poor Adrianna is feeling a bit under the weather. She has a fever, an awful phlemy cough, and horrid congestion. It is so bad that she is quite hoarse and so she cannot scream, screech, or cry. Instead, all that comes out is this pitiful little squeaky sound.

I can really tell that she is sick when she turns down McDonald’s french fries. She never turns down fries, but she did on Thursday. She also crawled into my lap and sat there for a long time as we rocked together, eventually ending with her falling asleep. So out of character from my independent and active child. You can tell she is not feeling well just by looking at her eyes.

Adrianna and Amber

I stayed home from work today so I could take care of her. She seems to feel a little better, but she doesn’t sound any better and she had a fever again at bedtime.

Even in the midst of being sick, she still had time to learn a new word. She has started pointing out her eyebrow or at my eyebrows, saying “Bah Bah.” She knows the word for eye (she pronounces it “eyee”) and uses it often when pointing to her eye, my eye, or the dogs’ eyes, so I can tell that this is a new one. And by pointing at my eye, I really mean sticking her finger IN my eye.

Ben Cartoon

The Knights Who Say “Ni”

Adrianna’s vocabulary continues to grow more and more each week. One of her new favorite words is “knee.” She loves to say knee while pointing to her knee.
Knights who say Ni

About a week or so ago, Greg was getting her ready for bed. She had been saying, “Knee… Knee” much of the evening, and I think that is what prompted the following conversation that I overheard.

Adrianna: Knee. Knee.
Greg: Yes, that is your knee. Good girl. Knee…

A few moments of silence pass, then I hear:
Greg: The knights who say…
Adrianna: [silence]
Greg: Adrianna, Knee? The knights who say…
Adrianna: [silence]
Greg: The knights who say…
Adrianna: [silence]

Kids never cooperate when you ask them to.

*The Knights who say “Ni” is from Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

The Girl’s Gotta Dance

Or rather, she’s gotta be held by her Mommy while her Mommy “dances.”

Adrianna has a new way of telling us that she wants us to play music for her. She will go over to our stereo, which is contained in a cabinet with doors on the front. Though the handles have been removed from the doors with the hope that it would deter her from opening them, she can still take her little fingers and open the doors. She knows that she is not allowed to open those doors. Yet, if she wants us to put on some music, she will go over and open the door, look back at us, and start doing leg squats (aka dance). This is our sign, so we will plug in our iPod and turn on some tunes.

But Adrianna is not content to leave it at that. Mommy must dance with her. And by “with her” I mean that Mommy must hold Adrianna in her arms while bouncing her up and down and spinning circles. She has a very obvious way of letting me know that she wants me to dance. She will come over, grab my shirt, and try to lift me up to my feet. And this girl doesn’t give up.

I am glad she likes music so much. I just hope she turns out to be a better dancer than her totally uncoordinated white-girl dancing momma.

Fancy Schmancy

Our church held a fundraiser tonight that included a nice prime rib dinner and childcare. Did you say childcare? Sign me up! (It was people from church that took care of the kids.)

We went and had a good time. We sat with four other couples, all whom have young children.

It is fun to have an excuse to dress up once and awhile. And even better, to get to go shopping for a new dress. 🙂

Amber and Greg

The Best Thing About Legos…

…is wearing the container on your head.Adrianna


Update on Karen

Thank you all so much for your prayers, kind emails, and encouragement! Karen is back home and doing well. She has even blogged about the experience (or what she remembers of it) on her blog at

The MRI, EEG and CAT scans all came out good, for which we are so relieved. So now she has a decision to make: get on the Seizure Prevention medication so that this will never happen again or do nothing and hope that this was an isolated incident. There are of course risks to both, so she and Zach are going to continue praying and researching their options.

Thanks again for everything. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends rallying around us and praying for us.