Thanksgiving Vacation…Part 1

So we are spending Thanksgiving with the Reimers this year.

Having decided that we wanted to split our long drive to Kansas into two days rather than taking it all in one haul, we left on Monday evening and stopped overnight at a hotel in Kansas. I was a little worried about how Adrianna would sleep with us being in the same room as her, but she did great. She did wake up scared once in the middle of the night, but once I gave her bear to her (after she had thrown it out of the crib) she laid back down and promptly fell back to sleep.

Have you ever noticed how it is more fun to watch tv in a hotel than it is at home? I don’t know why that is, especially since we have cable at home too. The only thing I really missed was being able to fast forward through commercials.

However, once we discovered that the hotel had free wireless internet, out came our laptops and off went the tv. It is hard to complete with the internet in our family.

We got to our destination at about 3:30 Kansas time on Tuesday. By this time, Adrianna had kindly shared the worst of her cold with me so I now have a sinus infection. Why is it that I always seem to get sick on vacation?

Tuesday was Grandma Reimer’s 85th birthday so to celebrate we all went out to Montana Mike’s where I had some of the best t-bone steak EVER. So yummy. I love Montana Mike’s. I especially like that they have my favorite salad dressing, Dorothy Lynch, which also happens to be pretty much the only salad dressing I will eat besides an occasional caesar salad. Adrianna was not in the best of moods which is pretty normal for her when her schedule gets interrupted or it is past bedtime, both of which probably could apply here. She had mashed potatoes everywhere by the end of dinner. Smashed and rubbed all over the table, on the floor, in her hair.

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day working (remotely) since my coworker had the day off. Have I said how much I love the internet? It was such a blessing to still be able to take this vacation even though I did have to work for one day of it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to even leave Colorado until Wednesday evening. It was also nice to see Adrianna during the day while I worked. Greg was kind enough to watch her for me.

Wednesday evening we went to church for a Thanksgiving Eve service. There wasn’t any nursery, and Adrianna absolutely can not sit still for more than a few minutes, so a few minutes into the singing she and I made our way to the back of the service where I held and bounced her. While I was singing along to the songs, she would look into my eyes and stroke my face with her sweet little hand, pat my hair, or lean in for some soft kisses. It is hard to be frustrated with her when she can turn into such an angel so quickly. Later, Marilyn helped me by taking her out into the foyer for the message so she wouldn’t disturb anyone. I was a little dismayed when at first it seemed like everyone else’s toddler was sweetly behaving for the service but I began to feel much better when I saw many more parents and toddlers begin to trickle out of the service and into the foyer too.

More to come later…

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  1. Rhonda says:

    You are one busy lady. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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