Night Night

I was a little worried about having to sleep in the same room as Adrianna both in our hotel on the way here and once we got to Greg’s parents’ house. In the past, Adrianna was a very light sleeper and would wake up at every little noise. Being as Greg is a noisy tosser and turner while he sleeps (he insists on groaning every time he rolls over), this would mean that she would wake up a lot. As a result, we used to setup her pack-n-play in the large walk-in closet that is part of the guest bedroom here.

As she has gotten older though, it appears that she is a heavier sleeper and does fine sleeping in the same room. She even recognizes that we are sleeping if she wakes up earlier than us and sometimes will play quietly in her crib for a little while. But once we roll over, she then sees we are awake and excitedly cries out, “Momma!” at which point we have to get up and get her out of her crib or she’ll get upset.

This afternoon’s nap was yet another one of those times. I was awake but hadn’t rolled over yet so I was facing away from her crib, enjoying the moment while I listened to her quietly entertain herself in her crib. Every now and then during her play she would quietly say, “Momma.” Then she would keep on quietly playing with the toys in her crib. Once I rolled over, it was a loud proclaimation of, “Momma!!” Definitely one of the sweetest ways to wake up.

Greg had a sweet moment with Adrianna last night too. She was very restless in the middle of the night and Greg could tell she was not sleeping well. So he picked her up and held her for a little while. Then he asked her if she could go “night night” and she very quietly and sleepily said, “yes, pees.”

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