Fancy Schmancy

Our church held a fundraiser tonight that included a nice prime rib dinner and childcare. Did you say childcare? Sign me up! (It was people from church that took care of the kids.)

We went and had a good time. We sat with four other couples, all whom have young children.

It is fun to have an excuse to dress up once and awhile. And even better, to get to go shopping for a new dress. 🙂

Amber and Greg

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    Adrianna is so funny with the lego container on her head. Silly girl. Wish we could see the moon around here. Im pretty sure Ethan has never seen the moon because you can’t see it from just looking out of your window. Too many big buildings. That’s one of the bad parts about living in such a dense city. The US has (i think these stats are right) 3 people per square km and Spain has 40. Madrid must have more than Spain’s number,so no moon sitings until we go to the country. But if you ask him what does the machine say, he’ll respond, boom, boom because we have lots of road construction we pass (walking of course) on the way to his school. There’s a big city boy for ya. doesnt know what a cow says, but knows his big machines.
    Glad to see your sister Karen is ok. How incredibly scary.
    And you guys look great at your church fundraiser. How are things going there?

  2. cindy says:

    hehe cute picture of Adrianna with the bucket on her head, crazy the things kids do!! hehe, i remember running around with a tub top as a skirt when i was little.:P Glad you guys got to get out and dress up and such!

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