The Girl’s Gotta Dance

Or rather, she’s gotta be held by her Mommy while her Mommy “dances.”

Adrianna has a new way of telling us that she wants us to play music for her. She will go over to our stereo, which is contained in a cabinet with doors on the front. Though the handles have been removed from the doors with the hope that it would deter her from opening them, she can still take her little fingers and open the doors. She knows that she is not allowed to open those doors. Yet, if she wants us to put on some music, she will go over and open the door, look back at us, and start doing leg squats (aka dance). This is our sign, so we will plug in our iPod and turn on some tunes.

But Adrianna is not content to leave it at that. Mommy must dance with her. And by “with her” I mean that Mommy must hold Adrianna in her arms while bouncing her up and down and spinning circles. She has a very obvious way of letting me know that she wants me to dance. She will come over, grab my shirt, and try to lift me up to my feet. And this girl doesn’t give up.

I am glad she likes music so much. I just hope she turns out to be a better dancer than her totally uncoordinated white-girl dancing momma.

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3 Responses

  1. cindy says:

    the picture of you being an “uncoordinated white-girl dancing” reminds me of Seinfeld when Elaine cant dance and everybody knows but her!! hehe

  2. Amber says:

    I am about that bad too, except for the whole thumb thing.

  3. Karen says:

    That’s okay Amber, I can’t really dance either…unless it’s with Zach (Swing) and even that could definetely improve!

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