A Toddler of Many Words

My mother-in-law and I compiled a list of all of Adrianna’s current words yesterday. We are probably missing a few, but here is an extensive list of over fifty words that we came up with. These are words that she uses on her own without our prompting.

Adrianna’s words (as of November 25, 2006)

19 months old

  1. Mama
  2. Daddy (Dah-dee)
  3. Hi
  4. Yeah
  5. Yes, please (Yes, peese)
  6. Thanks (Thaks)
  7. Shoes (soos)
  8. Cheese (chis)
  9. Molly (mah-mee)
  10. Dog (dah)
  11. Pizza (za za)
  12. Elephant (tsa tsa)
  13. Peas
  14. Banana (nana)
  15. Apple (appo)
  16. Bye Bye
  17. Night Night (nigh nigh)
  18. Computer (bo bu)
  19. Diaper (da da)
  20. Knee
  21. Toes (tees)
  22. Eye
  23. Light (die)
  24. Moon (mooh)
  25. Star
  26. Geese
  27. Kitty (key)
  28. Juice (ju)
  29. Water (wa wa)
  30. More (mo-eh)
  31. Bird (Buh)
  32. Balloon (boo)
  33. Ball (bah)
  34. Elbow (beh-bow)
  35. Hippo (buh buh)
  36. Pooh
  37. Bear
  38. Butterfly (bah bye)
  39. Bee
  40. Bzzz
  41. Moo
  42. Baby (bah bah)
  43. Leaves (lee)
  44. Hey
  45. Clock (clah)
  46. Roar (rawww)
  47. Uh huh (um hmm)
  48. Nose (no)
  49. Ear (ea-uh)
  50. Sun (saw)
  51. Tree (tee)
  52. Peak-a-boo (pee-a-oo)
  53. Uh Oh
  54. Bawk Bawk (chicken noises)
  55. Duck noises (sounds like she is hocking a loogie)
  56. Pig Noises (sounds like she is hocking a loogie)
  57. Telephone (tsa tsa)
  58. Eyebrow (buh bo)
  59. Keys

She also does a few phrases that really aren’t words but she totally catches the inflection of how we say them. She will hide and we used to always ask, “Where’s Adrianna?” with our voices rising in tone at the ‘anna’ in her name. So now if she hides and we don’t ask the question, we hear a little voice sing out, “ahahAHah” with her voice rising in tone in the same place even though she isn’t saying the actual word.

To follow up to that, when she reveals her hiding place, we would say, “There she is!” So now Adrianna will prompt us when she comes out of hiding with a, “sa-si-sis!” with the same tone and inflection that we always had used.

And of course she often repeats words we say throughout the day now, so this vocabulary continues to grow.

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3 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    Sorry Amber, there is one less word on there…computer is listed twice =) Still, that is a pretty big list! What a smart little neice, takes after her auntie Karen =)

  2. Amber says:

    Oops – you are right. I fixed it now. We noticed a few more over lunch that I just added, so the list continues to grow either way. 🙂

  3. cindy says:

    in my developmental pscyh and Child development class, i learned that toddlers in between 1-3 can learn up to 50 words a week, and it increases monthly, or something like that, but 50 a week, that is CRAZY! I dont remember what they said up phrases but it was up there too, ill look later in my text book:)

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