One, Two, Threeee!

This Saturday, I drove down to Springs to spend the day with Kristy. Greg was kind enough to stay home with Adrianna, who is still quite sick.

Our girls’ day was so much fun. We did lots of shopping, had ice cream (chocolate peanut butter with a reeses pb cup mix in-Yum!), had a nice dinner, and then did some more shopping and got our rings sparkly clean at a jewelers. Shopping is so much more fun when you have a girlfriend to go with. I got several new outfits – hooray for new clothes!

It was also fun to catch up with each other. We don’t see each other nearly as often as I’d like, but in the end that never seems to matter too much. Kristy is one of those great friends where we can go for several months without seeing each other and then just pick right back up as if no time has passed. I guess that is why the friendship has lasted for 15 years now. Friends like that are priceless. I also appreciate that I can share things with her that I do not feel comfortable talking to anyone else about. She knows all my deep, dark secrets and loves me anyways. Of course, this also means that she has more blackmail material on me than anyone I know. Of course, that works both ways. 🙂

Today Adrianna and I stayed home from church, as I am sure the other toddler moms would appreciate their children not catching this awful bug that Adrianna has. She is still coughing and congested. The bonus though is that she is more cuddly than usual.

Probably 5 out of the 7 mornings each week, Greg takes care of Adrianna’s morning routine since I am already at work. Changing her diaper, getting her dressed, feeding her breakfast. On Sundays since Greg leaves early for worship team, these duties fall to me. Today, Adrianna kept saying, “Dah-dee? Dah-dee? Dah-dee?” as we went through the routine. I think she was wondering where her Daddy was.

When Greg returned home, Adrianna crawled up into his lap and cuddled in close, head resting on his shoulder. She promptly fell to sleep. She loves her Daddy.

It is funny how we have our different routines with Adrianna. She usually comes to me if she wants to dance (although if I am gone, she has no problem substituting Greg in my place). But if she wants to be thrown up in the air, she goes to Greg.

Whenever Greg throws her up into the air, he counts down first. “One, Two, Threeee!” Then she is tossed up and there is much giggling and glee. So now when Adrianna wants Daddy to throw her up in the air, she will walk over to him and start counting down. “Tee, Tee, Teeeee!” That is Greg’s cue. So then he will count down and she will count down with him. “Tee, Tee, Teeee!”

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