My Baby is Sick

Poor Adrianna is feeling a bit under the weather. She has a fever, an awful phlemy cough, and horrid congestion. It is so bad that she is quite hoarse and so she cannot scream, screech, or cry. Instead, all that comes out is this pitiful little squeaky sound.

I can really tell that she is sick when she turns down McDonald’s french fries. She never turns down fries, but she did on Thursday. She also crawled into my lap and sat there for a long time as we rocked together, eventually ending with her falling asleep. So out of character from my independent and active child. You can tell she is not feeling well just by looking at her eyes.

Adrianna and Amber

I stayed home from work today so I could take care of her. She seems to feel a little better, but she doesn’t sound any better and she had a fever again at bedtime.

Even in the midst of being sick, she still had time to learn a new word. She has started pointing out her eyebrow or at my eyebrows, saying “Bah Bah.” She knows the word for eye (she pronounces it “eyee”) and uses it often when pointing to her eye, my eye, or the dogs’ eyes, so I can tell that this is a new one. And by pointing at my eye, I really mean sticking her finger IN my eye.

Ben Cartoon

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