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Yummy Yard

Today’s weather was so beautiful here in Denver at a comfortable 70 degrees. Not too shabby for February!
Adrianna strikes a pose

Adrianna and I spent some time in the front yard enjoying the nice breeze and sunshine. Adrianna also enjoyed driving her mommy crazy by trying to eat every blade of grass she could get her hands on.
Adrianna and the Yummy Yard

Due to Adrianna’s propensity to stick things in her mouth, I can see that it was a wise choice to hang out in the front yard rather than our backyard, which is full of nice doggy dookie.

Adrianna and the Yummy Yard

Delayed Wave Reaction

Adrianna has learned how to wave at others and she does so quite often. However, her reaction is often delayed. Strangers will come up and talk to her and smile at her and then wave bye-bye. She smiles back at them with no problem; she is such a smiley and friendly little flirt. About 30 seconds later, she then starts to wave. Of course, by this time, the persons she is waving bye-bye to are long gone and do not get to see her little waves meant for them.

She also waves backwards. The palm of her hand faces towards herself rather than outwards, so that when she waves, she is waving inwardly. It is quite cute. I guess that is how it looks to her when others wave at her, so it really does make sense as to how she picked up that little habit.

Dancing Baby

Like her mommy and daddy, Adrianna loves music. If music is playing on the tv, she will suddenly take interest in what is on. She enjoys being sung to, and music often calms her down when she is fussy or fidgety. Sometimes when music is playing, she will even dance. Right now it mainly consists of her bouncing up and down on her knees, but it is dancing nonetheless.

Here is a video of Adrianna dancing.

For those of you who have slower computers or internet connections, here is a smaller file of the dancing baby.


We took Adrianna to the doctor yesterday in regards to her eyelids being so gooky and swollen. It turns out that she has pinkeye. I didn’t recognize it because I always thought of pinkeye in terms of your actual eyeball being red. At least that is how it always was for me when I got it growing up. But there are two different kinds of pinkeye and the kind she has is bacterial. The doctor said it may have been brought on by her eye not being able to drain properly because of the blocked tear duct. Poor little baby. Thankfully Greg and I haven’t caught it yet.

I took Adrianna to Target to spread the germs around and pick up her prescription. In spite of her icky eye, people still smiled at her and Adrianna always is quick to smile right back.

Swollen Eye

Poor little Babyanna’s eye is SO swollen tonight. It was starting to swell and the lids were turning red this evening. She woke up just about half an hour ago with it swollen more than I have ever seen it. It looks quite sad really. It is the same eye with the blocked tearduct that she has had problems with since birth. We thought that tearduct had cleared up awhile back when she had that bad cold, but it appears that the drainage was just coming out of her nose and now that her nose is no longer running, the eye boogers are back.

We called the doctor on call to see what she thought we should do. Since Adrianna is fine in every other way and is not in pain, she advised us to sit tight and see how things look tomorrow. Poor little baby. It really looks pathetic.

Splish Splash, Just Takin’ a Bath

Adrianna still loves her bathtime


I need to learn how to turn off the flash on our camera

Sew Very Simple – (I wish)

I tried my hand at sewing today. (Greg bought me a sewing maching for Christmas. Don’t worry though; it was a present I really wanted and asked for! hehe.) Prior to today, I haven’t touched a sewing machine, let alone had to use one, since Home Ec class in junior high. Oh, so that was only about 16 years ago. I must admit that I didn’t fair to well.

I spent two hours just getting everything to work so that I was able to complete a few small stitches. Yes, that is right. Two hours. I read the directions over and over again on how to thread the darn thing. They had left out a couple steps, but I figured those things out eventually. What gets me is that I read this one step incorrectly more than once. ARGH. I couldn’t get the thread to stay threaded through the eye of the needle whenever I tried to complete a stitch. The thread would unwind, break, or get completely tangled up with the thread from the bobbin.

After getting so frustrated that I just wanted to throw things around the room and cry, I gave up. I sat down and watched some tv for about 20 minutes and then tried again. I re-read the instructions for the million-billionth time, but finally read them correctly I guess. It turns out I was just threading the eye of the needle from the wrong direction. That is it! That one simple step was what was giving me such headaches. How I read the directions incorrectly so many times is beyond me. Sometimes the best thing to do when having an issue is to let it sit for awhile and come back to it.

All in all, I was finally able to mend the comforter that had quite a few rips at the seams. It certainly isn’t the prettiest sewing job in the world. It would probably make Martha Stewart or any master seamstress have a nervous conniption upon observation. But for my first attempt, I am just thankful that everything is now intact.

Old College Videos

I have been watching some of my college chorale videos again. I am so thankful that my parents let me borrow a video camera for some of my college years. The video I took of my Chorale and Ambassadors concerts and every day college life with my friends is so priceless. Those were some of the best years of my life and it really makes me miss my college friends and those carefree days. No worries though; I am (hopefully) not obsessing over the good ol’ days like Uncle Rico.
Uncle Rico

I just enjoy reminiscing. I couldn’t trade my current life for anything; I especially could not give up Greggors and our little Adrianna.

I would really like to transfer some of our songs that we sang in chorale from my VHS tapes to MP3, as I think it would be nice to have more our of repertoire recorded on CD. I am not sure how good that will turn out since the audio quality of those old VHS tapes isn’t the best.

American Idol-First Guys’ Night

Ah, again. I love this show. Even Adrianna seems to like it. She sat contentedly on my lap for several performances, although it may have been because it was her bedtime and her eyes were getting droopy. I begged Greggor to watch it with me but he wouldn’t give in. Oh well. At least I am able to get 1-2 scrapbook pages done while I watch. And thank goodness for tivo – I swear I saved over 20 minutes of my time by being able to fast-forward through the endless number of commercials.

There were several guys that I liked. Patrick Hall was okay, although I hated his song choice. He sang Come to my Window (by Melissa Etheridge) and I have never really liked that song. Maybe because the local radio station growing up overplayed it. But it proves to me that the judges are right; song choice is important. I may have been more impressed with him if I would have liked the song better. “Sway” was pretty impressive. He had some sour notes, but man can he hit some high ones! I was impressed, even though his perfomance wasn’t my overall favorite of the night. Will Makar sang a Michael Jackson song. Will is young and cute, and his song was fun. Ace Young sang a George Michael song. Again, not my favorite song, but he did it quite well. I really like his smooth voice. And he is from Boulder originally, so yeah. Can’t knock the Coloradoans.

My favorites of the evening were Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin. Admittedly, I have liked them from the very start when I saw their auditions. But they were awesome tonight. Chris sang a Bon Jovi song, so how could he go wrong? Plus, he is pretty good-looking, if you ask me. Well, I guess you didn’t, but there it is. hehe. I loved his performance though. The Dead or Alive song fit his gravelly voice quite well. And Elliott was my absolute favorite with his great vocal tone and charisma. He gets my vote!

Elliott Yamin – If you Really Love Me MP3
Chris Daughtry – Dead or Alive MP3
Ace Young – Father Figure MP3

I found the MP3’s on

Rip Roarin’ Good Time

Well, the inevitable happened. While I was playing “chase” with Adrianna this afternoon, which mainly consists of us both crawling on the floor as fast as we can go, my jeans wore a large hole in one of the knees. The other knee isn’t far behind. So now I only have one pair of jeans left sans any holes. Which means I have to go shopping. Oh, the agony of it all. I like buying new clothes, but trying on jeans when you aren’t skinny anymore is just depressing. It isn’t made any easier by the fact that I have long legs and often cannot find jeans that are long enough. *sigh*

Nette says, “No!”

We only have Adrianna in childcare 9 hours a week right now, and she still managed to do two new things there for the first time rather than at home.

I guess she stood up to her feet this morning without assistance or without holding on to anything. Janette says that Adrianna then seemed surprised at what she had done, and quickly plopped back down onto her little bottom.

Later on this morning, Janette was reprimanding a couple of the little boys for something or other. She told them, “Nette says NO!” and behind her she heard a little voice shout, “No!” Adrianna is such a little helper. I cannot wait to hear Adrianna do the same for me and yet, at the same time I would like to not hear it, as I think my toddler troubles where they like to say, “No!” are just beginning.

American Idol-First Girls’ Night

is one of my favorite shows. I have been a fan since the very first season and had Kelly Clarkson picked as a favorite from early on – from the time she sang RESPECT. The only season I didn’t really get to watch much of was the one where Fantasia won because we had church on Tuesday nights, but I don’t think I missed much. I wasn’t crazy about her at all.

Unfortunately, Greg doesn’t share my love for American Idol any longer. He was big into it the first season but lost interest after that. He doesn’t even like the auditions as he thinks they are “too painful” to watch. Oh well, at least we agree on Lost, Scrubs, and The Office. (Yes, I know, we probably watch too much tv.)

Tonight marks the first night of voting for American Idol. Whenever the show gets to this stage, there are always several contestants that I just shake my head and wonder how on earth they made it this far. But there are some others that I really like. I really enjoyed Mandisa; I thought she had a smashing performance. I also admire her outspokenness in regards to her Christian faith. She totally has my respect. I have liked Paris Bennett from the beginning. She is talented, but she also just seems so sweet and bubbly that I cannot help but like her. My favorites tonight though were Ayla Brown and Katharine McPhee. Katharine especially gave a really impressive performance and right now, she is my pick for the top 10. I found an MP3 of Katherine’s performance at

I cannot wait for the guys’ night tomorrow. Especially since two of them are from the Denver area.

Emptying Everything

Adrianna’s new hobby is emptying things. She loves her mailcart toy. We will put toys in it and she promptly empties it. Sometimes she will even put a couple of toys back in it just so she can have something to pull back out.

Another favorite is laundry baskets full of clothes. Clean or dirty, they won’t be staying in the basket for long if Adrianna has her way.
Laundry Layout created by Adrianna

The same goes for cupboards. I guess since we are not moving now that we will need to childproof our house some more. I had to fish some soap, tampons, and pads out of her mouth this morning while she tried to “help” mommy clean the bathroom.
Adrianna cleans the cupboards

Moving Update

Well, after much thought, we decided not to move to Springs at this time. The housing market here in our area is definitely a buyer’s market. After considering the pros and cons, we decided that it would be in our best interest to stay in this area for awhile longer. Any profit that we would have made on selling our house would have gone in the realtor’s pocket and we would have had to wipe out our saving accounts that we have worked so hard to build. So we are going to bide our time and continue improving our house. One of our goals are to continue finishing off our basement. It is just one big room right now, and if we were to add a bedroom down there, it would make our house a 5 bedroom house. (Our loft area technically counts as a bedroom since it has a window and a closet.) We would also like to make an island in our kitchen and get rid of the linoleum in there as well.

Part of me is a little sad that we are not moving; I was really looking forward to getting into a new house and being closer to Shad and Lynette. But at the same time, I feel relief that we are going to stick around here for awhile longer. We have it good here: great jobs (even though mine may be ending in May), great, flexible childcare right across the street, good neighbors, and a nice house. Greg has his poker buddies.

Now we just need to find a church. We had left our other church due to its distance from our house, which was 45 minutes in good traffic. We have been kinda procrastinating in finding a new one since we thought we would be moving soon. So, now I guess we need to get going and find one in our area since we will be staying on after all.

Laughter and The I.T. Crowd

This weekend, we had Shad and Lynette over. As usual, there was much laughter, as we always have such a good time with them. We noticed something though. Oftentimes when we would all be laughing, we could also hear the sound of baby laughter. Adrianna would laugh right along with us. She also sometimes laughs if she hears a laugh-track on TV. She laughs even though she obviously doesn’t get the jokes. It is so interesting that babies are such social beings that they mimic social interactions around them.

Speaking of laughter, a coworker of Greg’s introduced us to one of the funniest comedies. It is called The I.T. Crowd and is a UK show and is produced by the same producer who produced the UK version of The Office (which of course inspired the US version which we so love!) I sure hope the US picks up on The I.T. Crowd show – it is sure to be a hit.

The first episode of The I.T. Crowd shows the incompetent boss interviewing a new hiree. The new hiree has stated that she has lots of computer knowledge, and the boss asks her to explain. She proceeds my stating that she can read emails, send emails, delete emails and that, “I could go on.” The boss states, “Do.” She then says that she can use mices, mice, mouse, the keyboard, and “the thing that sits on the floor.” So, due to her “extensive computer knowledge” the boss then hires her as the new manager for I.T. Typical. I am sure many I.T. folks can relate. hehe. The new manager then meets her two employees, who are quintessential geeks. We watched five episodes online today and laughed and laughed. Such a great show. Here is the first episode of The I.T. Crowd.