Moving Update

Well, after much thought, we decided not to move to Springs at this time. The housing market here in our area is definitely a buyer’s market. After considering the pros and cons, we decided that it would be in our best interest to stay in this area for awhile longer. Any profit that we would have made on selling our house would have gone in the realtor’s pocket and we would have had to wipe out our saving accounts that we have worked so hard to build. So we are going to bide our time and continue improving our house. One of our goals are to continue finishing off our basement. It is just one big room right now, and if we were to add a bedroom down there, it would make our house a 5 bedroom house. (Our loft area technically counts as a bedroom since it has a window and a closet.) We would also like to make an island in our kitchen and get rid of the linoleum in there as well.

Part of me is a little sad that we are not moving; I was really looking forward to getting into a new house and being closer to Shad and Lynette. But at the same time, I feel relief that we are going to stick around here for awhile longer. We have it good here: great jobs (even though mine may be ending in May), great, flexible childcare right across the street, good neighbors, and a nice house. Greg has his poker buddies.

Now we just need to find a church. We had left our other church due to its distance from our house, which was 45 minutes in good traffic. We have been kinda procrastinating in finding a new one since we thought we would be moving soon. So, now I guess we need to get going and find one in our area since we will be staying on after all.

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