Nette says, “No!”

We only have Adrianna in childcare 9 hours a week right now, and she still managed to do two new things there for the first time rather than at home.

I guess she stood up to her feet this morning without assistance or without holding on to anything. Janette says that Adrianna then seemed surprised at what she had done, and quickly plopped back down onto her little bottom.

Later on this morning, Janette was reprimanding a couple of the little boys for something or other. She told them, “Nette says NO!” and behind her she heard a little voice shout, “No!” Adrianna is such a little helper. I cannot wait to hear Adrianna do the same for me and yet, at the same time I would like to not hear it, as I think my toddler troubles where they like to say, “No!” are just beginning.

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