Emptying Everything

Adrianna’s new hobby is emptying things. She loves her mailcart toy. We will put toys in it and she promptly empties it. Sometimes she will even put a couple of toys back in it just so she can have something to pull back out.

Another favorite is laundry baskets full of clothes. Clean or dirty, they won’t be staying in the basket for long if Adrianna has her way.
Laundry Layout created by Adrianna

The same goes for cupboards. I guess since we are not moving now that we will need to childproof our house some more. I had to fish some soap, tampons, and pads out of her mouth this morning while she tried to “help” mommy clean the bathroom.
Adrianna cleans the cupboards

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  1. Faith says:

    She is so cute and just think of all the re-organizing you get to do. ;D

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