Sew Very Simple – (I wish)

I tried my hand at sewing today. (Greg bought me a sewing maching for Christmas. Don’t worry though; it was a present I really wanted and asked for! hehe.) Prior to today, I haven’t touched a sewing machine, let alone had to use one, since Home Ec class in junior high. Oh, so that was only about 16 years ago. I must admit that I didn’t fair to well.

I spent two hours just getting everything to work so that I was able to complete a few small stitches. Yes, that is right. Two hours. I read the directions over and over again on how to thread the darn thing. They had left out a couple steps, but I figured those things out eventually. What gets me is that I read this one step incorrectly more than once. ARGH. I couldn’t get the thread to stay threaded through the eye of the needle whenever I tried to complete a stitch. The thread would unwind, break, or get completely tangled up with the thread from the bobbin.

After getting so frustrated that I just wanted to throw things around the room and cry, I gave up. I sat down and watched some tv for about 20 minutes and then tried again. I re-read the instructions for the million-billionth time, but finally read them correctly I guess. It turns out I was just threading the eye of the needle from the wrong direction. That is it! That one simple step was what was giving me such headaches. How I read the directions incorrectly so many times is beyond me. Sometimes the best thing to do when having an issue is to let it sit for awhile and come back to it.

All in all, I was finally able to mend the comforter that had quite a few rips at the seams. It certainly isn’t the prettiest sewing job in the world. It would probably make Martha Stewart or any master seamstress have a nervous conniption upon observation. But for my first attempt, I am just thankful that everything is now intact.

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  1. Anja says:

    You are brave to attempt the whole sewing thing on your own. My mom taught me how to sew and I needed her help alot. I don’t want to discourage you though. It is so nice to be able to mend! It saves so much money! I too have the same problem of reading directions wrong. That is so frustrating!!! I hope with practice things get easier for you! Good luck!

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