Laughter and The I.T. Crowd

This weekend, we had Shad and Lynette over. As usual, there was much laughter, as we always have such a good time with them. We noticed something though. Oftentimes when we would all be laughing, we could also hear the sound of baby laughter. Adrianna would laugh right along with us. She also sometimes laughs if she hears a laugh-track on TV. She laughs even though she obviously doesn’t get the jokes. It is so interesting that babies are such social beings that they mimic social interactions around them.

Speaking of laughter, a coworker of Greg’s introduced us to one of the funniest comedies. It is called The I.T. Crowd and is a UK show and is produced by the same producer who produced the UK version of The Office (which of course inspired the US version which we so love!) I sure hope the US picks up on The I.T. Crowd show – it is sure to be a hit.

The first episode of The I.T. Crowd shows the incompetent boss interviewing a new hiree. The new hiree has stated that she has lots of computer knowledge, and the boss asks her to explain. She proceeds my stating that she can read emails, send emails, delete emails and that, “I could go on.” The boss states, “Do.” She then says that she can use mices, mice, mouse, the keyboard, and “the thing that sits on the floor.” So, due to her “extensive computer knowledge” the boss then hires her as the new manager for I.T. Typical. I am sure many I.T. folks can relate. hehe. The new manager then meets her two employees, who are quintessential geeks. We watched five episodes online today and laughed and laughed. Such a great show. Here is the first episode of The I.T. Crowd.

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