Swollen Eye

Poor little Babyanna’s eye is SO swollen tonight. It was starting to swell and the lids were turning red this evening. She woke up just about half an hour ago with it swollen more than I have ever seen it. It looks quite sad really. It is the same eye with the blocked tearduct that she has had problems with since birth. We thought that tearduct had cleared up awhile back when she had that bad cold, but it appears that the drainage was just coming out of her nose and now that her nose is no longer running, the eye boogers are back.

We called the doctor on call to see what she thought we should do. Since Adrianna is fine in every other way and is not in pain, she advised us to sit tight and see how things look tomorrow. Poor little baby. It really looks pathetic.

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  1. Faith says:

    AWWW. poor baby. get well soon.

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