American Idol-First Girls’ Night

is one of my favorite shows. I have been a fan since the very first season and had Kelly Clarkson picked as a favorite from early on – from the time she sang RESPECT. The only season I didn’t really get to watch much of was the one where Fantasia won because we had church on Tuesday nights, but I don’t think I missed much. I wasn’t crazy about her at all.

Unfortunately, Greg doesn’t share my love for American Idol any longer. He was big into it the first season but lost interest after that. He doesn’t even like the auditions as he thinks they are “too painful” to watch. Oh well, at least we agree on Lost, Scrubs, and The Office. (Yes, I know, we probably watch too much tv.)

Tonight marks the first night of voting for American Idol. Whenever the show gets to this stage, there are always several contestants that I just shake my head and wonder how on earth they made it this far. But there are some others that I really like. I really enjoyed Mandisa; I thought she had a smashing performance. I also admire her outspokenness in regards to her Christian faith. She totally has my respect. I have liked Paris Bennett from the beginning. She is talented, but she also just seems so sweet and bubbly that I cannot help but like her. My favorites tonight though were Ayla Brown and Katharine McPhee. Katharine especially gave a really impressive performance and right now, she is my pick for the top 10. I found an MP3 of Katherine’s performance at

I cannot wait for the guys’ night tomorrow. Especially since two of them are from the Denver area.

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