American Idol-First Guys’ Night

Ah, again. I love this show. Even Adrianna seems to like it. She sat contentedly on my lap for several performances, although it may have been because it was her bedtime and her eyes were getting droopy. I begged Greggor to watch it with me but he wouldn’t give in. Oh well. At least I am able to get 1-2 scrapbook pages done while I watch. And thank goodness for tivo – I swear I saved over 20 minutes of my time by being able to fast-forward through the endless number of commercials.

There were several guys that I liked. Patrick Hall was okay, although I hated his song choice. He sang Come to my Window (by Melissa Etheridge) and I have never really liked that song. Maybe because the local radio station growing up overplayed it. But it proves to me that the judges are right; song choice is important. I may have been more impressed with him if I would have liked the song better. “Sway” was pretty impressive. He had some sour notes, but man can he hit some high ones! I was impressed, even though his perfomance wasn’t my overall favorite of the night. Will Makar sang a Michael Jackson song. Will is young and cute, and his song was fun. Ace Young sang a George Michael song. Again, not my favorite song, but he did it quite well. I really like his smooth voice. And he is from Boulder originally, so yeah. Can’t knock the Coloradoans.

My favorites of the evening were Chris Daughtry and Elliott Yamin. Admittedly, I have liked them from the very start when I saw their auditions. But they were awesome tonight. Chris sang a Bon Jovi song, so how could he go wrong? Plus, he is pretty good-looking, if you ask me. Well, I guess you didn’t, but there it is. hehe. I loved his performance though. The Dead or Alive song fit his gravelly voice quite well. And Elliott was my absolute favorite with his great vocal tone and charisma. He gets my vote!

Elliott Yamin – If you Really Love Me MP3
Chris Daughtry – Dead or Alive MP3
Ace Young – Father Figure MP3

I found the MP3’s on

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    wow, I have fallen behind on reading your blog! I love that you have so many updates! I like Ace and grey hair taylor the most right now. oh, and also I like “teeth” Elliot.

  2. Karen says:

    I also liked Chris, but I agree with mom, I like Taylor too hehe. I agreed with Amba on all the girls, Paris is really a cutie!

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