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This evening, Greg and I were downstairs watching tv (with Adrianna) when we heard some static on Adrianna’s baby monitor. After awhile, we then heard a man’s voice coming from upstairs. I muted the television program. We then realized that the voice was coming over the baby monitor. So we headed upstairs. The man’s voice was coming through pretty clearly. It was obvious that he was on a telephone, though we couldn’t hear the person on the other end of the line. It sounded like he was selling someone a vehicle, so it was a pretty boring conversation. Greg got on the other baby monitor in Adrianna’s room and started talking into it to see if they could hear us, but they didn’t seem to notice, so I am guessing that they could not. The guy also gave out his address to the person on the other end of the line. Kinda scary when you realize that anyone could be listening in. He lives about 4 blocks away. It was weird; this is the first time we have gotten any interference like this over the monitor.

“Professional” Pics

Today I took Adrianna to Walmart to have some “professional” pictures taken. hehe. She was so smiley and talkative before I left, so I crossed my fingers that her good mood would last all the way there. When we got there, she was sweet but sober. The photo guy and myself had to work pretty hard to coax any smiles out of her. We finally got some though, even if they weren’t her huge toothless grins that she so often gives me at home. The proofs on the computer look really adorable; I cannot wait for the pictures to come back! We have to wait 3 weeks though.

Being her little ornery self, once I put Adrianna back into her carseat and the grocery cart so I could go do some shopping, she flashed countless smiles at me. *sigh*

My sweet husband & our little Angel

Here is a picture I just took of Greggor and Adrianna taking a nap together. They are too sweet!


I had set Adrianna in her crib so I could transfer some clothes from the washer to the dryer. When I came back in, I grabbed her little stuffed bee and started making buzzing noises while I “flew” the bee around over her head, touching her nose with it from time to time. Adrianna got a huge kick out of the buzzy noises, and rewarded me with some adorable baby laughs and squeals of joy. Greg was working in the next room, so I called him in and we both played with her for awhile. (It is so nice that he works from home now so he doesn’t have to miss these precious moments!) Adrianna was so adorable that I had tears in my eyes that I could not control. She is such a blessing.

Middle of the Night

I was downstairs making myself some breakfast around 5:30 this morning before leaving for work, when Greg groggily wandered down and asked me what I was doing. He thought it was the middle of the night and that I was just restless and came downstairs for a snack. So he was just checking up on me to make sure I was okay. Ain’t he a sweetie?

Well, he was right on one count. 5:30 a.m. really does feel like the middle of the night.

Family Camp pictures

I have updated our Photo Gallery to include Family Camp pictures. Thanks to Nathan for taking these and giving me copies. 🙂

Family Camp

I love Wyoming. I love its gently rolling hills, the beautiful bluffs covered with sage, the Rocky Mountain sunsets, the tumbleweeds blowing across the interstate. I think a lot of people do not realize the beauty that Wyoming holds. Which is how Wyoming-ites prefer it. Keep the greenies (Coloradans) out! Yeah, I know, I am now a Coloradan, but I grew up in Wyoming so it doesn’t count. hehe.

On Thursday evening, Adrianna and I picked up my sister Cindy and drove up to Family Camp. Greg couldn’t come as he had to work. It was on this drive up to Family Camp that I got my very first flat tire. Of course it would happen at a time that Greg wasn’t with me! The road to camp is a bit rough and I must have hit a rock just right so that it pinched a nice sized hole into my tire. Thankfully there was someone right behind us and they pulled over right away to help us. It turned out to be someone else heading up to camp. Adam changed our tire for us and we were so thankful. Since we were only 4 miles out from camp, we decided to drive the remainder of the way on the little donut.

We arrived just in time to unload our stuff into a cabin and go off to chapel. Our friend Nathan Long arrived right as chapel was ending. As we were getting ready to go to the canteen for some soda, I noticed a couple guys across the way that looked familiar. It turned out that they were familiar; the younger brothers of my first boyfriend. They were 5 and 6 the last time I saw them and so now, 14 years later, they are 19 and 20. I don’t think they remembered me. Tim and Doug have turned into very nice young men. Tim played with Adrianna a bit over the weekend and also showed Cindy, Nate, and I how to do a really cool card trick that I cannot wait to show off. Anyways, on Thursday night Seth Uptain and Nathan taught Cindy and I how to play Rook. What a great game! It was Seth and I against Nate and Cindy.

On Friday, we woke up early so we could go have breakfast. One thing about Family Camp is that the food is usually pretty good, and this year was no exception. After breakfast was chapel. Then, we had a bit of free time before and after lunch, which we spent playing Phase 10 and volleyball. Dad found out about my flat tire and drove up on Friday evening after work to pick up the tire. He then drove back down to Wheatland and bought me a new tire on Saturday morning and then drove back up to camp to put on the new tire so I wouldn’t have to drive all that way on the donut. Isn’t that sweet? It sure meant a lot to me that he would do that.

Also on Friday evening, Nate and Cindy and a small group of kids took a quick hike to the small cave near camp that I had discovered when I was maybe 16 or so. I wish I could have gone, but I had forgotten to bring Adrianna’s baby sling so I had to hang out at camp. Oh well. After they got back, it was time for chapel again. And then another late evening playing Rook. Nate and Cindy against Ruth Uptain and I. We lost, but it sure was a close game!

Saturday morning after chapel we played some more volleyball. Then, it was time to go. Dad followed us back down the mountain and we, along with Nathan, met Mom at Pizza Hut for some lunch. It has been a long-standing tradition to go to Pizza Hut with Nathan after camp.

Adrianna was a little angel during our time at camp. I was pretty nervous about taking her up there alone. But she did wonderfully. There were so many little kids up at camp. Rose and Anna now both have two children each, and I really had a good time chatting with them about motherhood and all. And all the little toddlers love looking at babies, so Adrianna was a hit with them.

Another highlight of camp was the time I got to spend with Cindy. It was just her, Adrianna, and I in our cabin so we got a lot of quality time together. This in itself made going to camp totally worth it for me.

Nathan decided to come down to Denver for the remainder of the weekend. He brought his dog, Shadowfax, with him. Shad and Lynette were also at our place. So that meant that we had 5 dogs. What a madhouse. Shad, Lynette, and Greg were hard at work in the backyard when we arrived. What a difference they made – between their work yesterday and some weeding that Lynette and I did today, I think we filled 2 trash cans and 5 more garbage bags full of stuff. We are so thankful for all their help so we can get this house ready to sell! We had dinner at RockBottom. For dessert, Greg made us all parfaits. What a great end to a wonderful week!

Bunny in the Road

I almost hit a little rabbit today while driving to work early this morning. Thankfully, I wasn’t on a busy road, so I was able to slam on my brakes which is probably the only thing that kept me from running him over. My stomach jumped up into my chest and my adrenaline was rushing like crazy. I sure am glad I missed the little fella as it would have ruined my day if I had hit the poor bunny.

Children’s Music

Adrianna definitely responds to music. For the most part, it calms her down and she is happy to listen to whatever we are listening to. She doesn’t share Greg’s and my appreciation for the band Cake however.

Her Grammy bought her a Kindermusik CD that she really likes. We really like it too. I also bought her some Cedarmont Kids CD’s recently, as I want her to grow up with Sunday School/Christian songs. I also have some tapes of children’s gospel music that I used to listen to when I was younger. I was really excited that my parents still had those tapes, as I remember really enjoying them growing up. So Adrianna and I have been listening to those the past couple days. It is funny how I still remember some of the words.

Anyways, listening to music together has been a fun activity to do with Adrianna. She and I both enjoy when I pump her little arms or legs to the music while I also sing to her. Adrianna is finding her voice too, with little coos and accompanied by huge, toothless grins.

Frustrated Baby

Adrianna is starting to get frustrated at her lack of mobility. She loves rolling over to her stomach, but I can tell she wants more. Sometimes while she is laying down she will start fussing, even though she is getting attention from me. So I will then grab her little hands and pull her up into a sitting position. Oh the grins that generates! And for even bigger grins, I then put her into a standing position and just help her balance. She loves it! You can totally see the gleam of accomplishment in her eyes. Greg was helping her stand earlier this evening. Adrianna looked over at me and just smiled and smiled. She is getting so strong and can stand up (with our help to balance) for longer and longer every day.

Going to Family Camp

Tomorrow, after work, I am going to take Adrianna and head on up to Wyoming to attend Family Camp at Camp Grace. I have attended this camp almost every year since I was 13. Unfortunately though, Greg cannot attend as he has to work. The sucky thing about camp this year (and last year) is that they have changed the dates for it. The camp used to be over Labor Day weekend, which made it easy vacation-wise to be able to go. But now, for some asinine reason, they moved the dates so that many of the people who usually attend (my family included) cannot attend due to work conflicts. ARGH. Nate Long and I had talked about not going this year in protest, but then we both decided that we would like to hang out and we really do like going up there. So we are giving in. Cindy will also be going. I haven’t decided how long I will stay. I guess it depends on how Adrianna does, especially since I will be without Greg. I am looking forward to getting on up to the mountains.

Sleep? What is that again?

I need to get more sleep. I have been averaging about 4 hours a night. I am pretty used to functioning on this lack of sleep lately, but I have been feeling dizzily tired on occasion. Since I still cannot get Adrianna to take regular naps unless I am sleeping with her, I have been letting her nap with me in the afternoons on my bed, but it still doesn’t make for restful sleep as I am “aware” that she is there and I want to be careful not to roll over on her, allow her to roll off the bed, or get too close to our comforter or pillows since they are potential suffocation hazards. I know that I need to start making her sleep on her own so she doesn’t get too dependant on always needing to sleep with me in order to nap, but I am so desperate for sleep myself these days that I am allowing it.

I have to admit that this lack of sleep is partly my own fault. Even though I know I have to get up before the crack of dawn the next day, I still manage to stay up late; usually until midnight. After putting Adrianna to bed about 8:30/9:00, these late hours are my only “me” time which is why I am always reluctant to go to bed. Greg is good about helping out with Adrianna so I can get some time to myself during the day, but I am still the primary caregiver and unfortunately Greg cannot nurse her. 😉

Once I do go to bed, I still inevitably wake up at least once on my own to go check on her to make sure she is okay. And Adrianna is back to waking up a couple times a night as well, which means I am up again. Sometimes she does go back to sleep on her own, sometimes not. Either way, I have to get up and check on her to make sure she is okay and/or feed her if she is hungry. *sigh* I think the lack of sleep is catching up to me now. I have never desired naps as much as I do lately. Oh, how I long for the nights where I actually got 8 or more hours of sleep in one stretch. I cannot even remember how long it has been since I have had that luxury.

Visiting with friends

Today started out as a regular ol’ day. Greg was working (from home) and I was tending to Adrianna. But then this afternoon, my friend Jen called me up. She was in our general area and was wondering if she could stop by. Of course I said Yes! She is moving to Iowa soon to be nearer to a good friend and her family, so I was glad for an extra opportunity to see her and catch up. 🙂 I am sad that Jen is moving away but I know how awesome it will be for her to be nearer to her family again.

Funny thing is that when Jen called, Greg was already on our other cell phone with Mark. Mark was going to be in our area this evening and wanted to stop by. So of course Greg told him yes. So what started out as a boring day turned into a great day in which I got to hang out with Jen in the afternoon and then Greg and I got to go out for dinner with Mark (to Outback Steakhouse) in the evening.

5 dachshies

This past weekend was once again spent with Shad and Lynette. We went over to Matt and Melissa Monroe’s house; a couple that Shad and Lynette know. Here’s a funny thing though – a few weeks ago we decided to visit a church in Springs. Shad knew of an E-Free not too far away, so we randomly decided that we would go there. And it just so happened to be Matt and Melissa’s church. Cool, huh? So anyways, they invited Shad and Lynette as well as us over to their house for dinner. They have two little girls; one is 3 years old and one is 9 months.

So fast forward to the dinner at the Monroe’s this weekend. We had a great time! Greg and I really would like to get to know them better. They are a really easy-going fun couple. Oh, and all four of our dachshunds came with us. This weekend had the added bonus of a 5th dachshund to our little party. The Monroe’s have a red, long-haired male dachshund named Oliver (Olly for short). Poor thing, he didn’t know what to make of all four of the girl dachshies running all over his territory. Here is a picture of Olly and Annabelle. (Thanks to Shad and Lynette for the pic)

We played some Phase 10, at which I lost horribly. Adrianna was an angel while we were over there, even though we stayed up late and disrupted her bedtime schedule. She took it in stride and with plenty of smiles.

After church on Sunday, we spent some time driving around looking for Open Houses. Didn’t find too many, unfortunately, but found a neighborhood that we really liked. We also decided that we need to find ourselves a realtor to make things easier, albeit more expensive.

Searchword Stats

I have a free stats program that keeps track of how many people visit my site and also what people search on (when applicable) when they stumble across my blog. Probably about half of the random visitors I get are searching for birthing videos or pregnancy related issues. Apparently since I talked a lot about my pregnancy and I have also posted videos (non-birthing related though!), several search engines are picking up my site and so they visit. Hmmm… I am sure the people searching for information on pregnancy like PUPPP and gestational diabetes (which I had and talked about) are legit. I sure hope the people who are searching for the birthing videos are as well. Maybe they are pregnant women who are gluttons for punishment and scaring themselves silly about their upcoming deliveries, like I was when I would watch that kind of stuff on the Discovery Health channel before I gave birth to Adrianna. I sure hope that is the case and they are not searching for such videos for other weird reasons that I cannot fathom or want to think about.