Visiting with friends

Today started out as a regular ol’ day. Greg was working (from home) and I was tending to Adrianna. But then this afternoon, my friend Jen called me up. She was in our general area and was wondering if she could stop by. Of course I said Yes! She is moving to Iowa soon to be nearer to a good friend and her family, so I was glad for an extra opportunity to see her and catch up. 🙂 I am sad that Jen is moving away but I know how awesome it will be for her to be nearer to her family again.

Funny thing is that when Jen called, Greg was already on our other cell phone with Mark. Mark was going to be in our area this evening and wanted to stop by. So of course Greg told him yes. So what started out as a boring day turned into a great day in which I got to hang out with Jen in the afternoon and then Greg and I got to go out for dinner with Mark (to Outback Steakhouse) in the evening.

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  1. Jen Allen says:

    Yeah, it was kind of a funny coincidence but I’m glad you both had fun. I really enjoyed visiting with you guys yesterday too. It’s really good to reflect back on times we have had together! And, of course seeing Adrianna again was certainly a highlight-she’s just such a sweet baby! I should have stayed around though…Outback Steakhouse is so yummy. LOL!!

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