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I have a free stats program that keeps track of how many people visit my site and also what people search on (when applicable) when they stumble across my blog. Probably about half of the random visitors I get are searching for birthing videos or pregnancy related issues. Apparently since I talked a lot about my pregnancy and I have also posted videos (non-birthing related though!), several search engines are picking up my site and so they visit. Hmmm… I am sure the people searching for information on pregnancy like PUPPP and gestational diabetes (which I had and talked about) are legit. I sure hope the people who are searching for the birthing videos are as well. Maybe they are pregnant women who are gluttons for punishment and scaring themselves silly about their upcoming deliveries, like I was when I would watch that kind of stuff on the Discovery Health channel before I gave birth to Adrianna. I sure hope that is the case and they are not searching for such videos for other weird reasons that I cannot fathom or want to think about.

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  1. Janis says:

    i looked at your stats and it says over 2000 vistors? can that be? gee dont be jealous but i have 26 now on mine.

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