Sleep? What is that again?

I need to get more sleep. I have been averaging about 4 hours a night. I am pretty used to functioning on this lack of sleep lately, but I have been feeling dizzily tired on occasion. Since I still cannot get Adrianna to take regular naps unless I am sleeping with her, I have been letting her nap with me in the afternoons on my bed, but it still doesn’t make for restful sleep as I am “aware” that she is there and I want to be careful not to roll over on her, allow her to roll off the bed, or get too close to our comforter or pillows since they are potential suffocation hazards. I know that I need to start making her sleep on her own so she doesn’t get too dependant on always needing to sleep with me in order to nap, but I am so desperate for sleep myself these days that I am allowing it.

I have to admit that this lack of sleep is partly my own fault. Even though I know I have to get up before the crack of dawn the next day, I still manage to stay up late; usually until midnight. After putting Adrianna to bed about 8:30/9:00, these late hours are my only “me” time which is why I am always reluctant to go to bed. Greg is good about helping out with Adrianna so I can get some time to myself during the day, but I am still the primary caregiver and unfortunately Greg cannot nurse her. 😉

Once I do go to bed, I still inevitably wake up at least once on my own to go check on her to make sure she is okay. And Adrianna is back to waking up a couple times a night as well, which means I am up again. Sometimes she does go back to sleep on her own, sometimes not. Either way, I have to get up and check on her to make sure she is okay and/or feed her if she is hungry. *sigh* I think the lack of sleep is catching up to me now. I have never desired naps as much as I do lately. Oh, how I long for the nights where I actually got 8 or more hours of sleep in one stretch. I cannot even remember how long it has been since I have had that luxury.

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  1. Karen says:

    You are such a good mommy!

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