Going to Family Camp

Tomorrow, after work, I am going to take Adrianna and head on up to Wyoming to attend Family Camp at Camp Grace. I have attended this camp almost every year since I was 13. Unfortunately though, Greg cannot attend as he has to work. The sucky thing about camp this year (and last year) is that they have changed the dates for it. The camp used to be over Labor Day weekend, which made it easy vacation-wise to be able to go. But now, for some asinine reason, they moved the dates so that many of the people who usually attend (my family included) cannot attend due to work conflicts. ARGH. Nate Long and I had talked about not going this year in protest, but then we both decided that we would like to hang out and we really do like going up there. So we are giving in. Cindy will also be going. I haven’t decided how long I will stay. I guess it depends on how Adrianna does, especially since I will be without Greg. I am looking forward to getting on up to the mountains.

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  1. Janis says:

    hi amber, i remember the very first time we heard about camp grace. i didnt remember your age but now i know it was 13. the way i remember, we were standing outside first baptist talking after sunday service and someone mentioned that the next day kids were going up to camp grace and you immediately wanted to go and so after finding out more information about it, we went home to get you packed! do you remember that? you were really excited.

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah, I totally remember that. Elizabeth Zimmerman invited me. We had just started going back to church at that time too, which is why we didn’t know about the camp until last minute. The camp in question was the teen camp, so I was only 12. I remember you weren’t too sure about letting your “baby” go off to camp for a week. It was that teen camp that I first met and befriended Nate Long too.

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