5 dachshies

This past weekend was once again spent with Shad and Lynette. We went over to Matt and Melissa Monroe’s house; a couple that Shad and Lynette know. Here’s a funny thing though – a few weeks ago we decided to visit a church in Springs. Shad knew of an E-Free not too far away, so we randomly decided that we would go there. And it just so happened to be Matt and Melissa’s church. Cool, huh? So anyways, they invited Shad and Lynette as well as us over to their house for dinner. They have two little girls; one is 3 years old and one is 9 months.

So fast forward to the dinner at the Monroe’s this weekend. We had a great time! Greg and I really would like to get to know them better. They are a really easy-going fun couple. Oh, and all four of our dachshunds came with us. This weekend had the added bonus of a 5th dachshund to our little party. The Monroe’s have a red, long-haired male dachshund named Oliver (Olly for short). Poor thing, he didn’t know what to make of all four of the girl dachshies running all over his territory. Here is a picture of Olly and Annabelle. (Thanks to Shad and Lynette for the pic)

We played some Phase 10, at which I lost horribly. Adrianna was an angel while we were over there, even though we stayed up late and disrupted her bedtime schedule. She took it in stride and with plenty of smiles.

After church on Sunday, we spent some time driving around looking for Open Houses. Didn’t find too many, unfortunately, but found a neighborhood that we really liked. We also decided that we need to find ourselves a realtor to make things easier, albeit more expensive.

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