Finally Christmas

We finally were able to get everyone together, on a weekend without snow, to celebrate our family Christmas. The only ones who couldn’t make it were Brian, Nga, and Ebony.

It was a full house, but it was a lot of fun. We played MadGab and Scattergories in between taking care of Aidan, Layla, and Adrianna. Adrianna enjoyed playing with her baby cousins.

Adrianna and Layla

She is such a good helper and she mimicks everything. After she saw her cousins getting their diapers changed, she went and got one of her baby dolls and changed its diaper.


Adrianna got a toy camera and a toy duck from Karen and Zach and a Mrs. Potato Head from Cindy and Kendall. Once again she started opening off the wrapping one small piece at a time. She would say “Me” and hand each small piece to me before ripping off another. Not sure where she picked this habit up or what she was saying.

She has been playing with all three toys a lot. She keeps trying to stick the Mrs. Potato Head ears in HER ears or she’ll hold the tongue or lips between her lips, which looks really funny. She also holds the camera backwards when taking “pictures.”

I got X-Men 3 and Pride and Prejudice from my Secret Santa (Zach) and Greg got a coffee mug set and SonVolt CD from his (Kendall). My mom even played with my hair for a long time, which I just love. I had Karen and got her a bunch of scrapbook stuff and Greg had Cindy and he got her a Scattergories game and some scrapbook stuff.

It was worth the wait.

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  1. janis says:

    I am glad you liked your hair played with 🙂 I hope it took some stress away. I am so glad we could all finally get together! It was definitly worth the wait!

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