Diaper Disaster

Or rather, a “no diaper” disaster.

Saturday morning, Adrianna let us sleep in a little longer than normal. And when she finally did awake, she didn’t sound impatient to be out of her crib so Greg and I relaxed awhile before going in to her room. This turned out to be a huge mistake.

When Adrianna finally started fussing, I went in to get her up. I wasn’t shocked to find that she was completely naked; she often takes her diaper off when she gets impatient for us to come in. But this particular morning I was confronted with an awful smell as I opened her door. There was a pile of poo in the middle of her crib. It hadn’t come from her diaper. It was obvious that this poo came along after her diaper had been removed.

Thankfully she hadn’t smeared it around too badly, but there was a little on her hands, her blankets, and most of her stuffed animals. I immediately called for Greg and picked Adrianna up, holding her out from me at arms’ length as I ran her to the bathroom for a much needed bath. Greg took care of the mess in her room.

I was nervous about how to clean up her stuffed animals, especially her beloved bear. A simple sponge bath would not cut it. After doing some reading online, I decided to put them through the delicate cycle on our washing machine. They rode it out inside knotted pillowcases and all seem to be just fine. The elephant, which was mine when I was a little girl, did have a lopsided face afterwards. He must have a different kind of stuffing. After some reshaping, he looks okay now too. And Adrianna’s teddy bear smells oh-so-good now. He needed a bath anyways.

Surprisingly, her Pooh bear was the only animal who made it out of the crib absolutely “poo” free.

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  1. jamie says:

    that’s funny about pooh bear being poo-free. She’s too smart for her own good. It’s funny because ethan is very obedient. He doesnt try to take off his pjs or diaper or even get out of his crib. he rarely challenges anything I say. if he cries in the middle of the night I say, ethan lay down. it’s night night time and he immediately lays down. I was always challenging the rules so Im surprised he’s so obedient but then Javi is a follow the rules kind of guy. I started trying the pat pat pause and ethan loves it too. Thanks for the idea.

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