Rock Rock & More Pat Pat Pause

This morning, Adrianna was awake and quietly sitting up in her crib when I peaked into her room before leaving for work around 6:00 a.m. When she spotted me, she immediately and excitedly stood up and said, “ah ah” (rock rock) so I picked her up and we walked into our loft area and sat together in the glider chair. She then whispered “pat pat pause” as we rocked together. Everytime I tried to quit the pat pat pause, she would reach back and pat her little bottom while whispering “pat pat pause.”

After awhile, she started ever-so-gently patting my arm as we snuggled together. From time to time, she would lift her head up and look at me and whisper “nose” while pointing at my nose. Then she would whisper it again and point to her nose. Or “buh-bow” (eyebrow) or chin.

We rocked for about 20 minutes. I love these sweet, cuddly moments with her.

She likes the glider chair during daytime hours too. She will often rock her babies, bears, or Little People Animals.

Adrianna and her babies

We had a couple extra glider chairs here that were my Grandma’s (until today when my brother drove them up to my parents’ house in his truck). Adrianna was sometimes very particular about which chair I should sit in. Last night I was sitting in the blue one when Adrianna decided she wanted to sit there. So she came over and tugged at my shirt to “encourage” me to get up so she could sit down. I didn’t get up.

She went to the other chair and kept gesturing towards it and pointing at me. She wanted me to sit in the other chair. I didn’t get up.

So then she tried another ploy. She said, “Dance” and tried to get me up. So I got up and picked her up so we could dance. She immediately wanted down and ran over to the chair that I had now vacated. I ran over too and sat down before she could. She tried the dance idea again but this time I wasn’t fooled.

What a sneaky girl.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Your template is beautiful! First time I’ve seen it! Snuggling with your daughter: heaven, isn’t it? I love those times. I suppose they will end someday, as I can remember entering that stage as a kid, but it sure is great.

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