Time with Shad and Lynette

So, as always, we had a wonderful time with Shad and Lynette. We played a lot of Crazy Uno in front of the fireplace at their condo – so cozy! Snow was coming down outside, so that made for a beautiful evening. Now we are trying to talk them into having a kid so that our kids can grow up together. 🙂

Then on Saturday they stopped by for awhile before they headed back to Omaha. Their dogs were so excited to see them again. Ours were really sad to see their playmates go, and pretty much just laid around all afternoon after they left. We took all four dogs to PetSmart before they left – how fun! We did run into another dachshund there, a beautiful red one that was happy to see our dogs. And of course we received lots of comments and people stopping us to pet our dogs – it isn’t too often that you see 4 weiner dogs all together!

That same day, we also saw a standard-size red dachshund running across the green belt near our house. We tried to catch him, as it was apparent that he was running loose. We have never seen any other dachsies in the neighborhood so we don’t know where he came from. He wouldn’t let us get close to him, but thankfully Greg was able to chase him away from the busy street. I wish we could’ve caught him though and kept him until we could find his owner. I would hate for anything to happen to him.

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