You Know You Order Pizza Too Much When…

…your 17 month old toddler excitedly announces, “Zsa Zsa!” (Pizza) when she sees the pizza boxes arrive.

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    I love your last entries. Adrianna talking on the phone, helping you up, calling out to let you know the pizza’s here. She sounds so adorable. Im going to write some cute stuff E does instead of always complaining about how he doesn’t sleep.

  2. jamie says:

    I also keep meaning to tell ya how the 10 year reunion went. It was really low key. It was at a bar in town and there were probably about 30 people or so. It wasnt too bad but it wasn’t what I had hoped. We had to pay 15 bucks a piece and the money went to th eclass president’s bank account which kinda ticked me off but whatever. It was fun to see the few people that I saw and that was enough I guess. There supposed to have the ‘real’ reunion next year but I doubt I fly out for that after all the effort to get there this time and it was cancelled. But whatever, it was fine. It just seemed weird. I feel like I have so little in common with any of those people now.

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