Talking on the Telephone

Adrianna still loves the telephone. Whenever she hears one ring, no matter where we are, if the phone is on tv, or what ring tone is used, she will happily exclaim, “Tzsa sa!”

On Thursday, I worked in the evening instead of the morning and called home to say hi to Greg and Adrianna. Greg put Adrianna on the phone and I started asking her questions over the phone and she actually answered back. For the first time, she spoke on the phone to the person on the other end. We were very excited.

Here is a little bit of how our two-way conversation went:

Me: “Hi Adrianna. How are you?”
Me: “I miss my sweet little girl. Are you and daddy having fun?”
Me: “I love my baby girl so much. I will be home soon.”
Me: “What does the dog say?”
“Boof! Boof!”
Me: “That’s right! And what does the kitty say?”
Me: “Good job, Adrianna! And what does the duck say?”
Me: “Can you tell me what the cow says? What does the cow say?”
Me: “Well, Mommy needs to go back to work now. I will see you soon.”
Me: “Okay, bye pumpkin. Love you!

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2 Responses

  1. janis says:

    your conversation with adrianna is Kinda like when I am taking to YOU online. LOL

  2. Karen says:

    How cute…and funny comment from mama

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