The Flatirons Crossings Mall Firepit

We have found a new place that we like to hang out. We had walked by it many times, but only recently discovered how cool it is to relax there. It is this large, outdoor firepit in The Village at the FlatIron Crossings Mall. When Marilyn, Kristi, and Paula were here, we decided to sit by the fire with our ice cream purchased at Cold Stone Creamery.

On Tuesday, Greg and I found ourselves at the mall again after a meal at Chipotle. We decided to walk over to this paper store that used to be in The Village to see about getting a little gift for Lynette. Unfortunately the paper store is no longer in existence there. But the firepit looked so inviting. So Greg, Adrianna, and I hung out for awhile. We had such a pleasant time. Greg and I just sat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Almost all the other people hanging out there were also parents with young children or babies. I enjoyed watching the toddlers just learning to walk and thinking about how cool it will be when Adrianna is that age. Not that I want her to grow up, because part of me wants her to stay as she is right now. We will have to go back and hang out there again.

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