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Today I am having more fun at work. Yeah, really! I am taking a break from the Automated Forms portion where I develop in Adobe Acrobat and working on developing web forms in HTML that will submit into our Automated Forms. I am a huge copier and paster of code, which allows me to get by without having to actually remember the exact codes I need. But I know enough about HTML that I can tell what I am doing, so anyways, it is pretty fun for me. I actually am using DreamWeaver in making these pages, but I use the “Code” feature (like a text editor) about 90% of the time rather than the front-end design feature which I feel does not always give a full representation of how it looks once it is uploaded to the server. The main reason I have to use DreamWeaver is because my boss has asked that we do so, yadda, yadda, yadda. The checkout/checkin feature is helpful though since there are a couple of us developers now.

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