Adrianna’s Scrapbook – Page 6

Still plugging away on Adrianna’s scrapbook. I still haven’t even gotten to her birth yet! hehe.

This is one of her ultrasound pictures when I was 20 weeks along. I remember posting copies of the ultrasound pics at my desk at work and just staring at them. Wondering what she would end up looking like and who she would resemble. And now she is here. I still cannot believe it at times.

She has her daddy’s ears, smile, and eyelashes. She has my profile, chin, and eyes. She makes expressions that resemble both of us. What a miracle and amazing thing having a child is.

I used a scanned copy of one of her ultrasound pictures rather than the actual ultrasound picture we received, as I have heard that ultrasound pictures can fade over time.

Baby's First Pictures

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