So tonight as you know is Halloween. Of all the holidays, this is the one I hate the most. I hate all the scary movies that are on TV, I hate all the gross and bloody costumes, I hate the annoying commercials that try to be scary. I also hate the fact that I am scared to let my cat be outside today. Basically, I hate what the holiday itself represents.

BUT…on the other hand, I do like the “fun” and innocent part of Halloween where the kids dress up in their cute costumes. After seeing some little babies in adorable outfits tonight, I am excited for next year when we will actually be able to dress up our own child. I told Greg that in a couple years we will finally not be one of the families home on Halloween, but instead will get to partake in the festivities ourselves. We have discussed how we are going to treat Halloween, and I am so glad that we agree on how we should treat it as parents. We will let our kids partake in the candy gathering and let them dress up. I remember doing that as a kid, and it was always great fun. However, we both agree that we do not want gross or devilish costumes, nor will we decorate our house in such a manner. There are plenty of innocent, yet fun costumes and decorations out there to choose from. ..

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  1. cindy poo says:

    hi amba, i have fun going to the haunted houses, derek told me i was to old to trickertreat this year so bummed
    me out. I went to 2 haunted houses on friday with yes Karrissa Lacour, she is down here and is just like me still
    we both have had the same struggles, and the same crazy spontanious personality, we are a good pair still, seems
    like last year we were taking naps together at her house lol. Ebony had a cute outfit too. bye amba

  2. I went to the same houses as cindy, only I drug Zach along with me. He had a very numb arm after that hehe! It was cool that Zach got to meet Brian and Ebony. At first Ebony was shy, but it didn’t take long before she was “flirting” with Zach! Once he started tickling her, she wouldn’t leave him alone! It made me very happy. I agree with Cindy on her costume! It was very cute! She was a cowgirl, and she had her own horse!

  3. janis says:


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