Toys and Growing Up

Last night we had Adrianna on her play mat, which consists of a brightly-colored and patterned blanket with two bars over it with dangling toys. It plays music and lights up. Greg wondered if Adrianna would recognize the tunes that it plays if she randomly heard the music from the toy many years later. I wonder too. Even though babies don’t “remember” things from this age, surely it is still stored in their subconcious somewhere? They are taking in so much of their world right now. Even talking to them at this early stage in life helps their language development later, so it has got to be going somewhere. Greg came to the conclusion that even if she doesn’t remember the tunes, we will recognize them down the road and they will bring tears to our eyes as we remember her as a sweet, little baby.
Adrianna on her play mat at two weeks old

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  1. Janis says:

    I have tears right now as I remember you Amber at 2 years old. I can see you in my mind as if it were yesterday….you are sitting on the dining room floor of our E street house in LaPorte . You are playing with that little piano toy. You would put a toy record in the top of the piano and it would play.
    everytime it started to play you would clap your hands together and laugh and say Yah! You loved that piano and played with it so much it wore out. I always wanted to buy another one but wasn’t able to find one at that time. Actually there are alot of fun memories from when you kids were little but some things just stick in my mind more than others for some reason. another thing I just thought of was the time you were crawling on the floor (also on E street) I think I was busy changing Brian’s diaper on the changing table . anyway you were crawling pretending to be a lion i think growling like a lion and you crawled over to me and bit me on the leg! You will have so many memories over the years too with Adrianna 🙂 your journey is just beginning…..enjoy this time while they are little and so adorably cute…..because time goes by so fast and before you know it …..well look at my kids!! How can my kids all be in the 20’s? specially since I am only 26 myself. inconceivable!

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